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Supported games:GTA San Andreas
Short description:Creates an entrance to an exit
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enex is a section in the item placement file introduced in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This creates entrances to exits or interior connections to real world by placing yellow markers on the map for the player to walk through. Note that changes to the flags and links of existing markers are not updated by the text files after the save is created so maintaining the proper sequence of enex lines is a primary concern. New connections can be added to an existing save if temporary (burglary) connections are not present in the save data. Indoor saves generally have no temporary enex data. Add the markers at the very end of the gta.dat else it can negatively affect currently placed markers. 376 of 400 possible enex connections are used in a standard game.


GTA San Andreas

X1, Y1, Z1, EnterAngle, SizeX, SizeY, SizeZ, X2, Y2, Z2, ExitAngle, TargetInterior, Flags, Name, Sky, NumPedsToSpawn, TimeOn, TimeOff
GTA San Andreas Identifier Type Description
A,B,C X1, Y1, Z1 float[3] entrance location
D EnterAngle float
E SizeX float X-radius of entry
F SizeY float Y-radius of entry
G SizeZ float Z-radius of entry; constant 8, unused
H,I,J X2, Y2, Z2 float[3] exit location
K ExitAngle float exit rotation in degrees
L TargetInterior integer The target interior number
M Flags integer The type of marker (see below)
N Name string Interior name, used to find the counterpart and to identify via mission script. Notice the name must be quoted (e.g. "LASTRIP")
O Sky integer Sky color changer (see below)
P NumPedsToSpawn integer Number of peds to spawn in interior
Q TimeOn integer enables the marker at this time
R TimeOff integer disables the marker at this time


Flag Name Description
1 unknown interior Only used for interior markers
2 unknown pairing Used mostly for interior markers; also Big Ear & LS Skyscraper
4 Create linked pair Pair with unflagged mate during new game start
8 Reward interior Sets flag 0010 on pair mate when used
16 Used reward entrance Set by accessing reward interior
32 Cars and aircraft Enable for cars and aircraft
64 Bikes and motorcycles Enable for bikes and motorcycles
128 Disable on foot No foot traffic. Use for cars and/or bikes only
256 Accept NPC group Group members accepted at destination of pair (passengers stripped)
512 Food date flag Set and cleared by food date (cut-scene related)
1024 unknown burglary Set on Bayside and Temporary Burglary doors
2048 Disable exit Player can enter but cannot exit a two-way pair
4096 Burglary access Enabled and disabled during Burglary
8192 Entered without exit Set by Entrance, Cleared by Exit; Applies to one side of a two
16384 Enable access Enabled by default; often cleared by scripts
32768 Delete enex Enex is deleted when used

Sky Colors

Sky Color Descriptions
0 Blue Sky
1 White sky fading to black
2 Black sky with yellow lights.
3 Same as 1
4 Same as 2
5 White sky fading to purple fading to black with yellow lights
6 White sky fading to black with yellow lights.
7 white sky fading to green fading to black with yellow light.
8 Same as 6
9 Same as 6
10 Same as 2
11 Purple shadows and small range of sight
12 Same as 6
13 Same as 6
14 white sky fading to ocean blue fading to black with yellow light.
15 Same as 6
16 Same as 2
17 Nightly Mist
18 Blue sky fading to yellow (Sunrise)
19 Blue sky with white clouds
20 Darker blue sky with light blue clouds
21 Darker Blue sky with white clouds
22 Orange sky with white clouds
23 Orange sky fading to gray with orange clouds (Sunset)
24 Red sky fading to purple, no range of sight.
25 Dark purple sky to grey with sun reflection.
27 Same as 19
28 Blue sky with white clouds and big sun.
29 Blue sky with white clouds and a giant sun.
30 Orange sky with dark orange clouds

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