GRGE (IPL section)
Supported games:GTA San Andreas GTA IV
Short description:Creates a garage
IPL Sections:

GRGE is a section in the item placement file in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV. It creates an invisible cube which interacts as a garage. The section replaces some functions that were controlled through the script in previous games, like opcodes 0219, 03BB and 057A.


PosX, PosY, PosZ, LineX, LineY, CubeX, CubeY, CubeZ, Flag, Type, Name
GTA San Andreas Identifier Type Description
A,B,C PosX, PosY, PosZ float[3] A coordinate of one of the corner marks
D,E LineX, LineY float[2] Those values are added to the first position values. They define one edge of the box
F,G,H CubeX, CubeY, CubeZ float[3] Another world coordinate. Together with the abstract line created with the first 5 coordinates this forms a cube in the world.
I Flags integer The garage behaviour (see below)
J Type integer The garage type
K Name string The garage name, a string which is used to manipulate the behaviour of garages through the main.scm

Garage flags

Flag Description
0x1 door opens up and rotate
0x2 door goes in
0x4 camera follow players

Sum the flags to mix them

Flag combination and their results:

Flag Description
1 door opens up and out, camera remotely follows player
2 door opens straight up, camera remotely follows player
3 door opens up and in, camera remotely follows player
4 door opens straight up, camera follows player
5 door opens up and out, camera follows player
6 door opens straight up, camera follows player
7 door opens up and in, camera follows player


Garage Doors

The garage door only opens if the IDE flag value of the door is 2048 and the door is defined in the object.dat file.

Garage doors are very important for the camera rotation. They control how the camera moves after you have entered a garage. If your camera moves wrong, then simply rotate the pivot of your garage door, map the new one and rotate it until it fits with the rotation you want. Then test if the camera moves correctly in-game.

If you have not mapped a garage door the camera will move to the west, which corresponds to a garage door rotation of 0 degrees around the z axis.

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