Eddie Olson

Eddie Olson
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Eddie Olson
Nationality Canadian
Home Los Santos
Vice City
Family Beryl (ex-girlfriend)
Occupation Gangster

Eddie Olson is a fictional character in the HD Universe movie Rum Runner who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V. He is played by actor Johenne Querios.

Character history

Eddie Olson was a character in the 1973 Richards Majestic film Rum Runner. At the beginning of the film he is an ordinary Canadian country boy who later moves to Los Santos smuggling alcohol down the United States west coast through the Saint Lawrence Seaway during prohibition. After moving to Los Santos he is involved in a drink driving accident where he paralyses Beryl. The two later start a relationship but Beryl gives him an ultimatum: to choose her or his lifestyle. His decision, however, is made for him when a rival smuggler shoots and kills Beryl. Eddie then decides to move to Vice City where he becomes an insurance agent and saves some sick children.


  • He is described as having a "fetish gor girls in wheelchairs".
  • Michael De Santa wanted to be like Eddie Olson when he was a child 'Just without the handicap fetish'.