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Rum Runner is a film in the HD Universe released in 1973 and produced by Solomon Richards for the Richards Majestic studio owned by his father. The film stars Johenne Querios as the films main character Eddie Olson and Leonora Johnson in her first major film role, which went on to launch her career after scene stealing performances.

Cast's description

Can you fall in love with the girl you crippled in a drunk driving accident?

Rum Runner is the epic story of a gang of bootleggers smuggling booze down the West Coast from the Saint Lawrence Seaway in the early 1920s, and their leader Eddie Olson, who transforms from small-time Canadian country boy to one of the most powerful gangsters in Prohibition-era Los Santos. He falls in love with a girl called Beryl whom he crippled in a drunk driving accident and starts a relationship with her. The love scenes in the wheelchair rolling around the house are epic. However, after she finds out about all the blood on his hands, she gives him an ultimatum: her or the rum. So Eddie must choose between a life of booze, money and prostitutes or the love of a beautiful girl who can't feel anything from the waist down so he gets a lot of backdoor access, so to speak. A rival smuggler shoots her in the head and Eddie moves to Vice City, becoming an insurance agent with a fetish for girls in wheelchairs. Then he saves some sick children. comments

  • hotmediagrad (5/10): Does that last scene symbolize Eddie leaving his old life behind or is he just really, really hungover?
  • michaelds (7/10): I wanted to be Eddie Olson when I was a kid. Just without the handicap fetish.
  • bomber87 (2/10): The Canadian godfather! "You're fresh oot of luck, eh?"
  • hamstabber (8/10): How come the chick in the wheelchair has such great legs?
  • buffmoviebuff (3/10): Anyone seen that Richards movie The Welshman? Seems like a decent gangster flick but I didn't understand a single word that dude said