Exercising the Truth

Exercising the Truth
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
For Epsilon Program
Objective Walk for 5 miles in the desert while wearing the Epsilon robes
Location Grand Senora Desert
Fail Michael leaves the desert (not an outright failure, but resets the pedometer)
Unlocks Unknowing the Truth
Unlocked by Delivering the Truth

Exercising the Truth is a Strangers and Freaks mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given to Michael De Santa by the Epsilon Program.


Michael meets with the Epsilon group at a trailer park in the Grand Senora Desert. Jimmy Boston gives Michael a medal for his achievements in the program, and Cris Formage speaks to the group via a loudspeaker, congratulating Michael for his efforts. Marnie Allen tells Michael that he must walk for 5 miles in the desert in his robes before he can meet with Formage.

While walking in the desert, a message will pop up whenever the player covers a tenth of a mile. If the player leaves the desert before reaching the required 5 miles, the counter resets and any progress is lost. When Michael covers 4 miles, he receives a call from Formage, telling him that his pilgrimage is almost complete. When Michael reaches the fifth mile, he receives another call from Formage, telling him that his journey is complete and to meet him at the Epsilon Program's center in Los Santos for his final job.