Jimmy Boston

Jimmy Boston is an actor and celebrity.


In The Ballad of Gay Tony, Armando and Henrique are great fans of Jimmy, as expressed during a friend activity. They become jealous when they learn that Luis introduced his sister to him at Maisonette 9, only for her to corner him and "tell him how miserable her life is".

By Grand Theft Auto V, he has joined the Epsilon Program cult, having gained "thesis" grade membership in record time. Michael De Santa is introduced to him in the Strangers and Freaks mission Chasing the Truth. In Delivering the Truth, Michael is required to deliver a baby blue Velum to him at Sandy Shores Airfield. He admits in the mission that he and Cris Formage watch porn together naked, "Just to prove we don't get turned on by it".

Jimmy drives a unique baby blue F620 that can be obtained in Delivering the Truth. The car is easily obtained by stealing it after Jimmy takes off in the aeroplane.


Voicemail message

This is Jimmy Boston, don't bother leaving a message. I have people for that. Kifflom.

Jimmy Boston's voicemail message