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The following is a walkthrough of the Explosive Situation mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Carl tells Woozie the plan to rob the mafia casino. Woozie, after a little thinking, agrees to the plan, but says that they'll need some explosives. Woozie suggests that Carl goes to Hunter Quarry to pick up some explosives.

Drive yourself to Hunter Quarry, just southwest of Las Venturas. Park/walk into in the red marker. You will then find out that the dynamite you will have to collect is set to blow, and you must collect them within 2 and a half minutes. If you kill the man standing on a platform near a cop\security person, the countdown timer disappears. The dynamite sticks will also be in crates, so you will need something heavy to smash the box and collect the dynamite.

Work your way down the quarry. After that, get in the nearby Dumper and smash the crates one by one by driving over them to collect the dynamite. After you have collected 4 sticks, you will now have to get out the quarry. But, security has blocked the main exit, and you will have to find another way out.

Hop in the Sanchez, which is marked with a blue blip on the radar. You will now have to maneuver through beams, starcases and dirt roads to get out of the quarry. Don't worry, as there would be arrows to guide you in going out of the quarry. Just pass through the markers carefully. Be careful as there would be security who would shoot at you using pistols, so you might want to kill them first to make the exiting safer, or you can just pass by them. Also be careful of not falling of high places, as it would cost you time.

Once you have exited, Guppy would be waiting for you at a drop point near the quarry. Work your way there, and walk towards the red marker. CJ would then give the explosives to Guppy, as he drives off.

Mission will then be passed.

Video walkthroughs

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