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Appearances GTA San Andreas
Full Name Guppy


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality Chinese
Home San Fierro
Las Venturas
Main Affiliations Wu Zi Mu
Ran Fa Li
Su Xi Mu
Little Lion
San Fierro Triads
Carl Johnson
Voiced by Not credited

Guppy is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (set in 1992). He is the assistant of Triad Dai Dai Lo Wu Zi Mu. He is voiced in most of his appearances although his voice actor is not credited.

Character history

San Fierro

Guppy, at an unknown time, joined the Triads, specifically the Mountain Cloud Boys sub-sect, and rose through the ranks, becoming the assistant to the gangs Dai Dai Lo, Wu Zi Mu. He, and other Triads, help Wu Zi Mu overcome his blindness, although do allow him to win at various games and bets. He first meets Carl Johnson at Carl's garage where he identifies local club owner/pimp Jizzy B. and San Fierro Rifa leader T-Bone Mendez, although is unable to identify the 'boss' of the Loco Syndicate.

Guppy meets Carl again when he first goes to the betting shop owned by Wu Zi, initially not recognising him and then telling him of the bosses 'curse'. He continues to appear alongside Wu Zi when Carl first meets the gangs Shuk Foo, Ran Fa Li, and again when Carl acts as a decoy to allow Fa Li to escape from Wu Zi's apartment. After Fa Li had escaped Guppy phoned Carl to tell him of his escape.

Wu Zi and Guppy later meet Carl as they leave Wu Zi's betting shop, when Wu Zi receives bad news. He tells Guppy to join Little Lion in attacking a Da Nang Boys freighter. Carl volunteers to take Guppy's place, a decision that saved Guppy's life as the helicopter they use to attack the ship is shot down, killing Little Lion and wounding Carl. Guppy later helps Carl and Cesar Vialpando in storming the heavily guarded Pier 69, allowing Carl and Cesar to kill T-Bone Mendez and Ryder. Guppy then accompanies Wu Zi when he visits Carl's garage when Wu Zi suggests destroying the Syndicate's factory.

Las Venturas

Guppy then follows Wu Zi as he moves to Las Venturas to go over the final preparations for the opening of The Four Dragons Casino. Guppy and some Triads scare off some mob thugs attacking the casinos property, managing to capture one. Guppy tells Wu Zi, who orders Guppy to 'get rid of him' but Carl tells him to tie the mobster to the hood of a car, which Guppy does, allowing Carl to extract information from him. He then helps Wu Zi score a hole in one when playing miniature golf inside the casino, moving the cup to help Wu Zi and then moving the cup to prevent Carl getting a hole in one. He later takes the dynamite that Carl steals from Hunter Quarry.

Carl Johnson, Zero, Wu Zi Mu, Guppy and an un-named man discussing their plans of a casino heist, during Cop Wheels.

Guppy later brings two chips into Wu Zi's office at the casino, with Wu Zi stating that one must be fake due to Guppy's tone of voice. Carl later destroys a Sindacco Family plastic factory that made the fake chip, with Guppy meeting to Carl to find out for Wu Zi how it went. Carl then illegally takes a photograph of the plans to Caligula's Palace and takes the camera to Guppy, telling him to get the film developed. Guppy then receives a package, later identified as a security card reader, from Zero and interupts Carl and Wu Zi while planning their planned casino heist, inadvertantly volunteering himself for the heist, although is later shown to care more about the whereabouts of coffee and donuts than the actual plan.

Carl, after telling two eavesdroppers to 'fuck off', gains the attention and concentration of Guppy who later assists him in stealing police motorcycles by driving a car-carrying vehicle along the Julius Thruway to allow Carl to quickly leave the motorcycles and continue stealing more police motorcycles. Guppy later tells Carl of the 'sky cranes after they were described by Zero but refuses to fly them, resulting in Carl stealing the sky crane from a military site and stealing an armored van on his own. Guppy goes to Carl's abandoned airstrip to paint the armored van and tells Carl that Wu Zi could be anywhere after insisting on driving himself.

Guppy then takes part in the casino heist, following Wu Zi and Carl throughout the casinos lower levels and in taking the money, escaping in the armored van convoy from the casino's loading bay. Later, he joins Carl and a number of Triads in taking back rapper Madd Dogg's mansion from a Los Santos Vagos drug dealer. During this mission, Guppy can be killed by the Los Santos Vagos gangsters or Carl Johnson, although it is also possible for him to survive.

Mission appearences

Artwork of Guppy and Wu Zi Mu.
GTA San Andreas