Wu Zi Mu

Wu Zi Mu
Appearances GTA San Andreas
Full Name Wu Zi Mu
Aliases Woozie


Nationality Chinese
Home Apartment in Chinatown, San Fierro
Las Venturas
Main Affiliations San Fierro Triads
Ran Fa Li
Su Xi Mu
Little Lion
Ah Ah Kung
San Fierro Triads
Carl Johnson (from 1992)
Cesar Vialpando (from 1992)
Kendl Johnson (from 1992)
Zero (from 1992)
Vehicles Pink Fortune
Businesses Wu Zi Mu's Betting Shop
The Four Dragons Casino
Occupation Gang leader
Gang member
Voiced by James Yaegashi

There is also a mission called Wu Zi Mu in GTA San Andreas.

Wu Zi "Woozie" Mu is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is the blind Chinese-American leader of the Mountain Cloud Boys and Dai Dai Lo of the San Fierro Triads based in San Fierro, where he also lives and runs a betting shop. He is voiced by James Yaegashi.

Character history

San Fierro

Woozie, at an unknown time, joined the Triads and became the leader of the Mountain Cloud Boys, a sub-group that sometime prior to 1992 established itself in Chinatown. There he bought an apartment and opened a betting shop, while also preparing to open The Four Dragons Casino on The Strip in Las Venturas. Woozie also began to race on the illegal street race circuit and proved to be a good driver, despite losing to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson on their first meeting. He quickly left the scene, shortly before the police arrived, telling Carl to contact him if he ever goes to San Fierro.

Carl, remembering Woozie, contacts him shortly after getting the deed to a garage in Doherty, San Fierro during another street race. Carl and his brother-in-law-in-courtship Cesar Vialpando, having heard of drug shipments back to their hometown, spy on a meeting at a fast-food restaurant in Angel Pine, taking photographs of those involved. The two then meet Woozie and his assistant Guppy in their garage, where they learn about the Loco Syndicate, club owner Jizzy B. and San Fierro Rifa leader T-Bone Mendez, although no one knows the identity of the 'boss'. Carl quickly leaves to meet Jizzy, viewing him as the easiest way into the Loco Syndicate, with Woozie telling him not to 'be a stranger'.

Carl later meets Woozie at his betting shop, where he is told by a fellow Triad member of Woozie's 'curse' of blindness. Woozie re-introduces himself, telling Carl that he is the leader of the Mountain Cloud Boys and asks Carl to accompany him to a meeting with a fellow Triad, who failed to attend their last meeting, wanting to talk about the threat of the newly arrived Da Nang Boys. The two drive around the block and walk down an alleyway, with Woozie running into the wall at the end of the alleyway. The two discover the corpses of the Blood Feather Triad sub-sect and are told by the last remaining Triad, who had hidden in a garage, that the Da Nang Boys had surprised and killed them. A number of Da Nang Boys then attack the alley, with Carl killing the attackers and driving back to Woozie's betting shop, while Woozie shoots at the pursuing Da Nang Boys.

Carl returns to Woozie's betting shop and meets Shuk Foo, Ran Fa "Farlie" Li, the leader of the Red Gecko Tong on the west coast, who wants a package retrieved from the airport. Carl requests the job and Woozie wisely states that he is less likely to draw the attention of the Da Nang Boys, although upon retrieving the package he is attacked, while still managaing to escape with the package. Carl returns to Woozie's betting shop once again and is asked to provide a decoy to lure the Da Nang Boys away from the shop. Carl then drives to Angel Pine and then around Whetstone, with the Da Nang Boys falling for the bait and Ran Fa Li escaping.

Woozie then decides to step up the attack on the Da Nang Boys, asking Carl to plant a bug on freighter in the harbor after swimming undetected and later to attack a ship being used by the Da Nang Boys to smuggle Vietnamese immigrants into the country. Woozie says that if all goes well, he would call a week later about from his new place. Carl accompanies Little Lion and attacks the ship using a minigun placement in a helicopter, which is shot down, killing Little Lion. Carl, however, sneaks on board and makes his way to the ship's hull, freeing the people being held in a container, and later making his way to the control room and killing the Da Nang Boys' leader, The Snakehead.

Woozie, in return for all this help, starts providing assistance to Carl, later dropping him a message about a meeting between the Ballas and the Loco Syndicate, also later sending some of his Mountain Cloud Boys to aid Carl and Cesar in sabotaging the meeting and killing the parties, and later phones Carl to tell him that one of his men has discovered that leader de mysterio Michael "Mike" Toreno, the boss of the Loco Syndicate, is about to leave by helicopter from a helipad in Downtown. Carl then goes to the location and follows the helicopter after it takes off, destroying the helicopter and killing those on board. Woozie later suggests that Carl destroy the Syndicate's drug factory and his apprentice thus provides a car rigged with explosives, which Carl uses to blow up the factory.

Las Venturas

Wu Zi Mu talking to Carl Johnson about their plans to rob Caligula's Palace in a back room of The Four Dragons Casino, during the mission Architectural Espionage.
Carl Johnson, Zero, Wu Zi Mu, Guppy and an un-named man discussing how money is moved to and from Caligula's Palace, during the mission Cop Wheels.
Wu Zi Mu, Ran Fa Li and Carl Johnson celebrating becoming partners at The Four Dragons Casino, during Fish in a Barrel.
Zero, Wu Zi Mu and Carl Johnson shortly before pulling of the casino heist, during Breaking the Bank at Caligula's.

Woozie then moves to Las Venturas to continue the preparations for the opening of The Four Dragons Casino and later meets Carl there, telling him of his problems opening the casino in a mob run town and his problems with smashed up slot machines and workers who have been scared off. Woozie offers Carl a share in the casino if he is prepared to help in the casinos opening. However, a Triad member then interupts the two and says that some thugs were seen attacking one of their deliveries but that they had caught one of them. Woozie tells Guppy to 'get rid of him' but Carl tells him to have the man tied to the front of a car. Carl then drives the car recklessly around Las Venturas with the man saying that the Sindacco Family will make him pay.

Carl and Woozie, believing that all three mafia families are attacking the casino, decide to pull of a heist at their casino and Carl heads to Hunter Quarry and steals some dynamite, believing it a necessity to pull off a heist. Carl and Woozie continue to meet at the casino and in one meeting are interupted by Guppy who presents two casino chips, one of which is a fake made by the Sindacco Family. Woozie is infuriated by the design of the chip, with the casinos dragon wearing sunglasses and holding a white walking stick, an obvious reference to his blindness and threatens to the blow the factory up, although Carl tells him to calm down before heading off to the factory, destroying all of the machines inside the plastics factory.

Carl and Woozie's plans to pull a heist at Caligula's Palace continue to gather pace as Carl is introduced to disbarred former lawyer and casino manager Ken "Rosie" Rosenberg by record producer Kent Paul and performing artist Maccer who he rescued for his friend, aging hippie The Truth. Carl and Woozie begin to plan the heist, with Woozie telling Carl to steal the plans for the casino from the Las Venturas City Planning Department. Carl, after looking at the plans, tells Woozie of the casinos vast protection schemes, including CCTV cameras and a swipe card system. Woozie's assistant interupts to give Carl a package and, after seeing their plans, becomes the first recruit to help them in the heist. The package is a security card reader from electronics expert Zero, who is based in San Fierro. Carl then leaves and begins to follow a female employee of the casino around the city and back to her house. Realising that she is also a prostitute, he kills the man who she was about to meet and takes his place, becoming her boyfriend. Carl continues to date her and obtains her security card.

Carl later returns to the back room where he and Woozie are planning the heist but cannot bring himself to believe that a number of people, being joined by Zero, now know of their plans, telling some eavesdroppers to leave. Carl, annoyed at the lack of privacy the room affords, leaves and tells Woozie to continue the meeting. Carl then heads to the Sherman Dam and plants bugs on the four hydro-electric turbines and escapes, despite being trapped by the dams security. Carl, Woozie and Guppy meet again, and Zero asks how the money is moved to and from the casino. Carl and Guppy leave, with Carl stealing four police motorocycles and drives them on to a vehicle transporter driven by Guppy.

The conspirators meet again in the back room, this time discussing their need for an armored van to move the money. Woozie suggests a simple carjack, but Carl says that would only attract attention and end badly. Zero suggests stealing a 'sky crane' and Carl, the only qualified pilot, is left to steal one from the K.A.C.C. Military Aviation Fuel Depot. Carl manages to steal the 'sky crane' from the military site and flies away, using the helicopters magnetic winch to lift an armored van, flying to his abandoned air strip. Once there, Carl asks Guppy where Woozie is but is told he insisted on driving himself, meaning he could be anywhere. The helicopter is then sprayed by the Triads to look like one of the armored vans. Woozie, satisfied with Carl's work in helping establish the casino and his work for the planned casino heist, schedules a meeting where the two, joined by Ran Fa Li, sign a contract giving them each a share of the casino.

Carl, Woozie, Guppy and Zero, confident with that their plans will work, decide to pull off the heist. Carl enters the casino and accesses the employees only part of the casino. He immediately goes to the generator room, throwing a tear gas grenade down an air vent, which lands in the room holding the casinos vault, rendering the guards unconscious. Zero then activates the charges at the dam, knocking out the city's power supply, allowing Carl to open the garage door from inside the service bay. Woozie, Guppy and the rest of the team enter the casino and head to the safe, with Carl briefly having to return to the upper levels to stop the emergency power from being switched on. The Triads then use explosives to blow the safe door off, alerting the various mobsters in the building who attack the room but are killed. The gang collects the money in the safe and navigate their way back to the service bay, where everyone except Carl enters the van or hops on to the police bikes and drives away. Carl also escapes, drawing attention by getting on to the roof and parachuting to the roof of The Clown's Pocket hotel before using a police helicopter to fly to his air strip, where he meets Woozie and his fellow conspirators, punching Zero who had made the heist harder by telling his arch rival Berkley of their plans.

Woozie, satisfied that the mafia will no longer attack their casino, continues in the day-to-day running of the casino. He, Carl and the latter's sister Kendl later begin to judge people auditioning to join the casinos entertainment staff. Madd Dogg, a rapper who was saved by Carl, enters the room and announces that he wants his mansion in Los Santos back, explaining that he traded it for drugs with Los Santos Vagos drug dealer Big Poppa. Carl agrees to help and is assisted by Guppy and a number of Woozie's men, parachuting on to the mansions roof and working their way through the mansion, killing the various Los Santos Vagos gangsters inside before Carl chases and kills Big Poppa.

Carl returns to Las Venturas but continues to make contact with Woozie in regards to the running of the casino. Kendl, after the deaths of Grove Street Families defaulter Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris and corrupt C.R.A.S.H. officer Frank Tenpenny, and the destruction of Smoke's drugs manufacturing factory, suggests that they go to The Four Dragons Casino to 'roll some dice with Woozie'. Woozie continues to run the casino, which by 1998 has become renowned around the country, hosting many entertainment and important events.


Woozie is a calm natured man who prefers to settle his business without resorting to unnecessary violence, although when angered he becomes as foul-mouthed and violent as any street gangster. He is an honorable man who remains loyal to Carl throughout the storyline of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, acting as his boss, business partner, accomplice and informant.


  • Woozie owns a pink Fortune, as seen during the mission Wu Zi Mu.
  • His favourite radio station is Master Sounds 98.3.
  • Woozie can briefly be seen during the mission Farewell, My Love... inside the pink Elegy and can be seen sitting next to Catalina. Woozie, during the cutscene, is taking the place of Catalina's new boyfriend Claude.
  • Woozie, despite being blind, proves to be an experienced driver and experienced with guns.
  • He is scared of swimming in deep water, eels, seaweed and squids, as revealed in the mission Amphibious Assault. Woozie explains that his fear of swimming in deep water is due to his inability to rely on his other senses in the water.
  • Woozie is known amongst the Triads as the "Lucky Mole" due to his incredible luck, such as when racing cars despite his blindness. Guppy and the other Triads often allow Woozie to win. An example is when Woozie and Carl are playing miniature golf, with Guppy moving the cup acting as the hole so Woozie's shot was successful but then moving it again so that Carl misses his shot.
  • Woozie calls Carl 'bad luck' as he never wins when playing cards against him, despite always winning against his Triad friends, who allow Woozie to win.
  • Triads in GTA IV can be heard to say "My cousin owns a casino in Las Venturas; maybe we should go sometime", which is a likely reference to Woozie and his casino.

Mission appearances

Artwork of Wu Zi Mu and Guppy.
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