Fallow Bridge

Fallow Bridge in GTA San Andreas, as viewed to the north from Red County.

Fallow Bridge is a road bridge in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas connecting central Bone County with central Red County in San Andreas. It is a medium-length, steel-colored truss bridge that services the road running by the Fern Ridge, Hampton Barns and Hunter Quarry areas.

The bridge's design is identical to that of Flint Bridge, but is roughly twice as long and lower above sea level. The bridge is unlocked after completion of Yay Ka-Boom-Boom.

Significance in GTA San Andreas

For a purpose of convenience, whenever the player wishes to access the quarry missions, the Fallow Bridge is the most useful passage. During the quarry missions, one might need to save the game after each mission, and the closest location in proximity to save is the safehouse in Blueberry, which is actually closer to the bridge than the Four Dragons Casino save point.

This is also the maximum limit in Pier 69 upto which tertiary antagonist Lance "Ryder" Wilson will possibly be chased by boat in the second half of the mission.