Pier 69 (mission)

Pier 69
Carl Johnson and Cesar Vialpando scope out T-Bone Mendez' security as Wu Zi Mu's men sneak into Pier 69.
Carl Johnson and Cesar Vialpando scope out T-Bone Mendez' security as Wu Zi Mu's men sneak into Pier 69.

Carl Johnson and Cesar Vialpando scope out T-Bone Mendez' security as Wu Zi Mu's men sneak into Pier 69.
Game GTA San Andreas
For Cesar Vialpando
Target Mike Toreno, Ryder and T-Bone Mendez
Location Pier 69, San Fierro.
Reward $15,000
Increased respect
Unlocks Toreno's Last Flight
Unlocked by Ice Cold Killa

Pier 69 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by Mexican-American Varrios Los Aztecas gang leader Cesar Vialpando from a rooftop across from the eponymous location in Esplanade North, San Fierro, San Andreas.


After finding out of the next meet between Grove Street Families defaulter Lance "Ryder" Wilson and the Loco Syndicate by killing city pimp Jizzy B., Carl calls Cesar to inform him of this. After this, he and Cesar meet up on a rooftop across from Pier 69. When Carl gets there, Cesar hands him a sniper rifle to gun down the San Fierro Rifa taking guard over the pier after he is informed by friend and affiliate Wu Zi "Woozie" Mu that some Mountain Cloud Boys have been sent as support. Carl successfully kills the Rifa members. Rifa leader T-Bone Mendez shows up a little while after, and so does Ryder. The last to show up is leader de mysterio Michael "Mike" Toreno who arrives by helicopter. Instead of taking them down by surprise attack, however, they are faced with a crisis as everyone gets alerted after Toreno sees the Rifa bodies on the rooftops; Ryder and his Balla friends throw smoke grenades to prevent themselves from getting sniped, forcing Carl and Cesar to fight their way across the pier and confront Mendez. The two gun him down, and then Carl begins to chase after Ryder. Ryder attempts to escape by a boat, but Carl managers to kill him in a brief chase.


Cesar: Hey holmes, I'm up here, go round the back!

(Carl gets up on the roof around the back of the building.)

CJ: Hey man.

Cesar: Nice job getting the phone message. What's up with Jizzy?

CJ: Dead. (aims the sniper rifle Cesar gave him) So, what's the plan?

Cesar: T-Bone's security got here real early. They've got men on the roof watching over the pier.

(Cesar's phone rings; he answers and starts talking to a Mountain Cloud Boy.)

Cesar: Yeah. OK, yeah, yeah, yeah I see you. (hangs up) That was Woozie's boys, they're in place. Look, down by the side entrance.

(Six Mountain Cloud Boys head up towards the roof.)

CJ: Shit! They're headed towards the roof.

Cesar: SHIT! Mira, we're gonna have to take out T-Bone's men on the rooftop before this gig blows wide open!

(Carl kills all the Guards with the sniper rifle.)

CJ: Man, my busting was tight!

(San Fierro Rifa leader T-Bone Mendez and Grove Street Families defaulter Lance "Ryder" Wilson arrive with their respective gangs.)

Cesar: Here comes T-Bone.

CJ: And there's that snake Ryder. Look at that fool, hangin' out with the Ballas like they was life long pals.

(Mendez meets with Ryder in the Pier.)

CJ: Sometin' ain't right, where's Toreno?

(A chopper, apparently belonging to Loco Syndicate leader de mysterio Michael "Mike" Toreno, approaches the pier.)

Cesar: Chopper inbound!

CJ: That's gotta be Toreno! (the chopper prepares to land) Oh shit! He'll see the bodies on the roof!

(Toreno sees the bodies and flees in his helicopter before landing.)

Cesar: Too late, man! He's already tripping out.

(Ryder, the Rifa and the Ballas throw smoke grenades around the pier.)

CJ: Smoke grenades! So much for a surprise. C'mon, we gotta take these fools out right now!

(Cesar and Carl resort to gunfight and exterminate all the Ballas and Rifa gangsters. Mendez is heavily injured, and Cesar and Carl confront him.)

Cesar: Mendez! I see you, Rifa motherfucker!

(Cesar and Carl gun Mendez down and his body falls off the pier. Ryder goes running to escape. Carl sees him.)

CJ: Hey Ryder! Sherm-head asshole, where you think you going?

(Ryder runs towards the edge of the Pier.)

Ryder: C...Can't stop me...

(Ryder gives Carl the offensive one-fingered bras d'honnour salute, then turns, leaping off the pier and starts swimming towards some speedboats.)

Cesar: He's headed for those boats!

CJ: Don't worry about it, I got this.

(Carl starts chasing Ryder.)

CJ: You sold us out, Ryder, you fucked us all.

Ryder: I'm a motherfucking genius.

(Carl manages to kill Ryder. Once he does this, the phone rings. He picks up.)

CJ: Wassup, Cesar?

Cesar: You OK, holmes? We been watching from the pier with binoculars.

CJ: Yeah, I'm okay, I think. Listen you better clear out, the cops gonna be all over the spot in a minute.

Cesar: Sure thing, see you back at the garage!

(Carl ahngs up.)



  • Originally, it was going to be Ryder who gets killed on the pier, and T-Bone who swims to the boat. The game contains unused audio files that prove this.
  • Since a wanted level is locked during the mission, the player can safely traverse the desert areas, Bayside and Las Venturas without police attention; though SWAT trucks might appear, they will not chase the player. This provides a good oportunity to collect useful weapons from these areas, as well as perform unique stunt jumps and pick up collectibles. Oysters in the Easter Basin Naval Station can also be collected without police attention.


  • If you beach Ryder's boat, he will keep operating it in vain until you board it.
  • If you blow up both boats, Ryder will swim to the small island nearby, land and stay idle. He will not react even if you beat him to death with melee weapons.
  • Whereas Ryder knew how to swim when he swam to the boat, if you board Ryder's boat in transit, when he falls in the water, he'll drown.
  • When all of the targets are down on the pier, the surviving Triads on the roof will just fire at the floor. Sometimes they will even shoot the player themselves.


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