Flange 9000

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Tommy Vercetti and Cam Jones exammining the Flange 9000 safe.
Tommy Vercetti taking the bank manager to Cam Jones to crack open the Flange 9000 safe.

The Flange 9000 is a fictional safe in Grand Theft Auto:Vice City. It is primarily used by banks to store money. A Flange 9000 safe can take hours to crack, or five minutes if the bank manager does it or is present. A Flange 9000 safe is also code locked; after cracking the safe, a keycode has to be entered in order to access the safe to extract the money. The El Banco Corrupto Grande bank in Little Havana, Vice City has a Flange 9000 safe, which is later broken into and robbed by Tommy Vercetti and his four man team.

Role in Missions

In the mission The Job, Tommy Vercetti and his three man bank job team, consisting of Cam Jones, Phil Cassidy and Hilary King, head to the El Banco Corrupto Grande bank to rob it and steal its money. After killing three security guards and entering the safe's vault, Tommy and Cam find out that the safe is a Flange 9000 safe which Cam claims that it can take hours to crack, or five minutes if they could find the Bank Manager.Tommy then goes to the manager's office, finds the manager, takes him to the bank vault and forces the bank manager to help Cam crack the safe and to provide his key code to unlock the safe. After a few minutes, Cam successfully cracks the safe and extracts the SWAT Retirement fund, which was contained inside the safe. After the mission, the bank vault, and the safe, are inaccessable to the player without modifications and trainers.