Hilary King

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Hilary King
Appearances GTA Vice City


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 1986 (during The Job)
Home Vice City
Main Affiliations Tommy Vercetti
Phil Cassidy
Cam Jones
Vehicles Sabre Turbo
Voiced by Charles Tucker

Hilary King is a character in the 3D Universe appearing as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Hilary is voiced by Charles Tucker.

Character history

Hilary King was neglected by his mother as a child and because of that he developed serious child abandonment issues. The issues later led to Hilary becoming a compulsive eater, although the Vice City Police Department believe that he had been raised in stable home. Hilary King is a neurotic and highly dependent driver who assists Tommy Vercetti during the events of GTA Vice City. Phil Cassidy points Tommy in the direction of King, as Tommy is looking for a getaway driver for his bank heist. After beating Hilary (in his Sabre Turbo) in a street race, King agrees to work for Tommy. However, when the heist takes place he arrives late to pick up Tommy, Phil and Cam. Tommy, Phil and Cam enter the bank, and Hilary is told to circle the block.

Hilary attempts to help Tommy and the rest of the team when he pulls the getaway taxi up between the SWAT Trucks and the front of the bank. Hilary exits the car and starts shooting at SWAT trying to give time for the others to get in, but before they do he is gunned down on the side of the street in front of the bank. At this point Tommy, Phil and Cam head to the taxi, Cam can be killed by SWAT, or he can successfuly enter the car and escape with Tommy and Phil to the safehouse.

Mission appearances

GTA Vice City

VCBI record

Hilary King has a record in the Vice City Bureau of Investigation[1]:

  • Expert driver believed to have worked with Cam Jones and Phil Cassidy.
  • Neurotic.
  • Compulsive eater.
  • Psychological profiling reveals obsession with abandonment issues.
  • Ginger.
  • Hilary comes from a stable family background.


  • The player can play as Hilary in GTA Vice City by inputting cheats.
PS2: R1CircleR2L1D-Pad RightR1L1CrossR2
PC: ilooklikehilary
Xbox: Right TriggerBBlackLeft TriggerD-Pad RightRight TriggerLeft TriggerABlack
  • Hilary's death, being shot by the SWAT team during a bank heist, is a reference to the 1995 film Heat. The film was directed by Michael Mann, who was also the executive producer of Miami Vice.



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