El Banco Corrupto Grande

El Banco Corrupto Grande
Game GTA Vice City
Type of business Bank
Location(s) Little Havana, Vice City
Mission appearance(s) The Job

El Banco Corrupto Grande is a bank located in Little Havana, Vice City in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The name is Spanish for "The Big Corrupt Bank ", suggesting the bank is illegitimate. The interior is only accessible after completing the mission "The Job." The offices are restricted and will give the player a 4-star wanted level should the player enter the area and trigger the alarm. Money pickups can be found in the manager's office and near the elevator.

The Job

The bank makes only one prominent appearance in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: during the mission The Job. In the mission, Tommy Vercetti, Phil Cassidy, Cam Jones, and Hilary King rob the bank of $100,000. The money is later revealed to be the SWAT's "retirement funds"[1], bribes that were taken over the years and kept at the bank in their Flange 9000 safe. When the bank's alarm sounded, the SWAT immediately surrounded the bank and attempted to stop the robbery. Vercetti and Cassidy managed to escape, with the option of Jones being a casualty. King, however, was shot and killed by the SWAT.

Flange 9000 Safe

In the El Banco Corrupto Grande bank, there is a large Flange 9000 safe located underneath the ground floor of the bank, inside the banking vault. In 1986, it contained the SWAT's "retirement funds", which were bribes that were taken over the years and kept inside the bank's Flange 9000 safe for the SWAT to collect once they retired. According to Cam Jones, "it could take hours to crack, or five minutes if you could find the manager". Only the manager knows the key code to the Flange 9000 safe.



  1. From american.gxt:
    On the phone
    Kent Paul: Hey there Tommy, you're gonna love me mate. A little birdy told me that Vice City SWAT Division has a deposit box at a certain rather large banking establishment, where they keep all the bribes they've taken over the years, like some kind of old boys' retirement fund. Of course, if this information should ever help you acquire any of that cash, I guess you'd feel obliged to push some of it my way?
    Tommy Vercetti: I'll bear that in mind, thanks Kent.