Frankfort Avenue

Frankfort Avenue is a north-south street serving as the primary thoroughfare through Western Algonquin. It is the longest street in Liberty City (excluding expressways), spanning 22 blocks. Its terminus reside in Northwood to the north (where the street leads onto the Northwood Heights Bridge) and in Castle Garden City. It is based on New York's Eighth Avenue. It is Algonquin's only avenue to travel in an east-west direction, which it does for a short distance between Xenotime Street and Exeter Ave. Its Eastern Algonquin counterpart is Columbus Avenue.

LTA Stations

Frankfort Avenue, Frankfort High and Frankfort Low subway stations are all positioned along and named after Frankfort Avenue.


  • The name of the street is named after numerous towns and cities across the states of USA, including Michigan, New York State, Kansas and the state capital of Kentucky.