Northwood Heights Bridge

The Northwood Heights Bridge and the unnamed rail bridge (background) in GTA IV, looking towards Bohan from Algonquin.

The Northwood Heights Bridge is the most northerly bridge in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV. It connects Boulevard, Bohan with Northwood, Algonquin, traveling over the Humboldt River. The bridge has a basic structure and is considerably basic compared to the architectural wonders of Broker Bridge and Algonquin Bridge. The bridge caters for four lanes of traffic, two in each direction. The bridge leads off of Boulevard in Bohan and connects to the northern end of Frankfort Avenue at the Algonquin end. The bridge looks vastly different in the beta version and how it looks now, the beta bridge looks like the Algonquin-Charge Island span of the East Borough Bridge, without the metal work between the stands.

There is a rail bridge situated just to the south of Northwood Heights Bridge which allows K/C Algonquin Inner Line trains to connect to Bohan and B/E Bohan Line trains to connect to Algonquin. The rail bridge is unnamed in GTA IV although is likely to be known as the Northwood Heights Rail Bridge, or more likely the Frankfort Avenue Bridge, as it follows the perimeter of the road as the line leads to the Frankfort High LTA in Algonquin.

The road bridge is based off of the Alexander Hamilton Bridge but it is unknown which bridge the rail bridge is based off of. Which could be the Park Avenue Bridge, which carries rail lines over the Harlem River, but bears no cantilever design. No cantilever bridges are located near the Alexander Hamilton Bridge, nor do any cross the Harlem River.

This bridge is part of Grand Boulevard, the major thoroughfare in Bohan.