Gang Car Bang!

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Gang Car Bang!
Game GTA 2
For Billy Bob Bean
Location Mobile RV Park, Residential District, Anywhere City
Reward $70,000

Gang Car Bang!, also known as Gang Land Nonsense, is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Redneck boss Billy Bob Bean. The mission is the first job available from the red Redneck phone in the Mobile RV Park of the Residential District.


The Rednecks are killing SRS for fun and invite Claude to join in by challenging him to destroy 5 Meteors. Afterwards, they offer him a second challenge to destroy 5 Z-Types.


Billy Bob Bean: "Rooster! Billy Bob here! Me 'an the boys are lookin' fer fun down SRS way. You bein' a Good Ol' Boy an' all you wanna join in the fun? First to destroy five Meteors is The King!"

(Claude drives to SRS territory and destroys 5 Meteors)

Billy Bob Bean: "You sure got a taste for it, Rooster! C'mon, let's do the Zaibatsu. Head over to the Village. Yee-ha!"

(Claude drives to Zaibatsu territory)

Billy Bob Bean: "Look at them pretty Z-Types! First one to FIVE is The King.

(Claude destroys 5 Z-Types)

Billy Bob Bean: "We sure are BUZZIN' from the fun, son! Here - here's a $70,000 bonus. C'mon, Rooster, it's King Karaoke at RV and YOU are up first!


The reward for completing this mission is $70,000.

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