Garbage Truck

A Garbage Truck in GTA 2.

The Garbage Truck is, as the name suggests, a garbage truck that can be found in Grand Theft Auto 2.


The Garbage Truck is a large truck-based vehicle tailored to carry garbage in its rear compartment, and features a conventional cab. The truck is generally shorter in length than a Box Truck, but remains undesirable due to its function as a waste disposal vehicle. The vehicle also lacks any special functions, despite its specialized design. The Garbage Truck may also appear in a variety of colors.

As expected, the vehicle's performance is no better, with a poor top speed and mediocre acceleration, a poor-to-average steering (the vehicle occasionally requires larger turning radius at higher speed), and average braking. Being too large, the Garbage Truck cannot be crushed.


See also

  • Trashmaster, the Garbage Truck's successor since Grand Theft Auto III.