Vinnie's car explode shortly after Mike arrived.
Vinnie's car explode shortly after Mike arrived.

Vinnie's car explode shortly after Mike arrived.
Game GTA Advance
For Vinnie
Location Chinatown, Portland, Liberty City
Reward None
Unlocks Twisted Metal

Getaway is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance, given to protagonist Mike by Vinnie from Chinatown, Portland, Liberty City.


Mike drives to Chinatown looking for Vinnie, so the two can finally leave Liberty City. He is then paged by Vinnie, saying that there is a change of plans and to meet him at Callahan Point. Mike drives to Callahan Point where he sees Vinnie's car explode. The police arrive, having been informed about the explosion, and Mike decides to lose the police attention and return to his hideout. He is then paged by 8-Ball, who informs Mike that the police are at his hideout and says that Mike should come to his home after he loses the police. Mike loses the police and drives to 8-Ball's. 8-Ball informs him that he will be investigating Vinnie's death by looking at what is left of Vinnie's car, primarily to see who is making bombs on his patch, and will page Mike when he finds something.


Mike: I'm here on time. Where the hell is Vinnie?

Vinnie (pager): Change of plans, Mike. Grab the getaway car from the hideout and meet me over in Callahan Point. Vinnie.

(Mike drives to Callahan Point, where he sees Vinnie's car blow up)

Mike: Oh my God! Vinnie!! NOOOOO!! Damn! Someone called the cops! I gotta lay low for a while. Better head back to the hideout.

8-Ball (pager): Mike, stay away from your hideout, the cops are looking for you. Come to my pad in Portland Beach but lose the cops first! 8-Ball.

(Mike loses the police and drives to 8-Balls home)

8-Ball: Sorry to hear about Vinnie, man. No one should go out like that. I have some ideas who might be behind it but it will take some time.

Mike: I still can't believe what just happened. What the hell am I going to do now? Vinnie had all our money.

8-Ball: You can do a few tasks for me until you straighten things out. Right now though, I need to bring what's left of that car back to my pad. I want to know who's making bombs on my turf. I'll page you when I come up with something.

Post mission pager message

8-Ball: I figured out what to do with Vinnie, Mike. Come on back. 8-Ball.


There is no monetary reward for completing the mission. The mission Twisted Metal is unlocked by completing the mission.

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