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Appearances GTA III
GTA Advance
GTA Liberty City Stories
Full Name 8-Ball


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Saint Mark's, Portland, Liberty City
Main Affiliations Donald Love
Toni Cipriani
Luigi Goterelli
Vehicles Rumpo
Businesses 8-Ball Autos
Voiced by The Guru

8-Ball is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto III, a main character in Grand Theft Auto Advance and a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He is an explosives expert and firearms trader, owning explosives garages in Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas. In GTA III and Liberty City Stories, he is voiced by the late Keith "The Guru" Elam.

Character history

Life until 2000

8-Ball was born and raised in Liberty City and by 1984 had started his business across the United States, including in Vice City (initially in Downtown and later in Viceport), in San Andreas (in El Corona, Los Santos) and in Liberty City (in Harwood, Newport and Pike Creek). He established contacts with various people in Liberty City, including businessman Donald Love, who sent Toni Cipriani to 8-Ball at his Pike Creek garage to fill a van full of explosives to be used to destroy the Fort Staunton district of Staunton Island.

2000 to 2001

In 2000 he helps old friend Vinnie by creating fake IDs that Mike collected. Mike returns to 8-Ball following the death of Vinnie and agrees to work for him whilst 8-Ball investigates Vinnie's death, saying he has some ideas of who was responsible. 8-Ball first has Mike dispose of Vinnie's body at the Harwood Autocrusher and Junkyard, as "they don't ask questions". Following this, Mike helps to pimp out three women (including Misty) to "high-rolling" clients, deliver a package to an angry customer, and extract revenge on Scorelli for 8-Ball. 8-Ball, with information from one of the prostitutes, sends Mike to meet a bar tender, Jonnie. 8-Ball later meets Mike again in a diner, but the two are ambushed by the Colombian Cartel, who are looking to kill Mike following the death of leader Cisco. 8-Ball burns his hands during the ambush and is unable to escape, telling Mike to do so before the police arrive.

8-Ball is arrested and convicted on eighty-five counts of owning a firearm without a licence, although a Liberty Tree article, it is stated that 8-Ball was arrested at his home/garage in Harwood and that a police officer poured a pan of boiling fat onto his hands. After being convicted a decision is made to transfer him, along with bank robber Claude and a un-named elderly man to the police station in Portland View. The police convoy, however, is attacked by the Colombian Cartel, who successfully kidnap the un-named elderly man. In the confusion, 8-Ball and Claude work together to escape and get far enough away to not be injured when a bomb, planted by the Cartel, destroys the Callahan Bridge. The two then escape to a hideout in the Red Light District.

After changing out of their orange prison uniforms, 8-Ball has Claude drive him to Sex Club Seven and introduces him to Luigi Goterelli, an old friend and member of the Leone Family, who begins to employ him. Salvatore Leone, the Don of the Leone Family, later sends Claude to 8-Ball and the two later destroy a freighter at Portland Harbor, which was being used by the Colombian Cartel to manufacture the drug SPANK. His friendship with Claude, however, is assumed to have come to an end when Salvatore Leone attempts to set Claude up, and he has to flee Portland.


  • An authentic production artwork of 8-Ball has the name Mullan, A.K.A. 8-Ball written besides his image, suggesting his name may have been Mullan in development. This name was never used in any GTA game.
  • 8-Ball Autos is also used in the missions Mike Lips Last Lunch, Kanbu Bust-out (both in GTA III) and Shogun Showdown (in GTA Liberty City Stories).

Mission appearances

GTA Advance
GTA Liberty City Stories


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