For Vinnie in GTA Liberty City Stories, see Vincenzo Cilli.
Appearances GTA Advance
Full Name Vinnie


Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth United States
Date of Death 2001 (during Truth Revealed)
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Main Affiliations Mafia (until 2000)
8-Ball (until 2000)
Mike (until 2000)
Voiced by N/A

Vinnie is a character in the 3D Universe and the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto Advance. He is the criminal accomplice of Mike, the games protagonist. Due to the technical limitations of the Game Boy Advance, no voice actor was hired to voice Vinnie.

Character history

Vinnie was a criminal based in Liberty City who prior to 2000 had become an associate of the Mafia (most likely the Leone Family) to whom he owed money, and explosives expert 8-Ball. Vinnie and accomplice Mike were looking to make one last large payday before leaving the city. Vinnie has Mike drive him to a meeting at Momma's Ristorante (located in Portland Beach) with the Mafia in order to sell them information, and then return to their hideout to ensure they were not being watched. Mike, to help the Mafia, kills local drug dealer Federico and in return the Mafia agree to help Vinnie and Mike flee the city.

To help plan for their departure Mike steals a Banshee, helps the Mafia by collecting protection money and making an example of drug dealers in Trenton, and finally collecting fake identifications from 8-Ball. Mike, after collecting the fake IDs, returns to Momma's Ristorante, where Vinnie tells him to meet him in Chinatown after he finishes with the Mafia. Vinnie later changes their plans and tells Mike to meet him, in their getaway vehicle, at Callahan Point. When Mike arrives he witnesses Vinnie's car blow up, seemingly killing Vinnie.

Mike begins to work for various criminals in the city (including 8-Ball, bartender Jonnie, Uptown Yardies leader King Courtney, Colombian Cartel leader Cisco and Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen) in order to gain information on who killed Vinnie. However, each fails to discover the necessary information. Mike visits Cisco at his jet at Francis International Airport and sees Cisco lying on the floor. Mike follows the person driving a car fleeing the scene, remembering the car from Jonnie's death. The car, after a chase, pulls over and the supposedly deceased Vinnie steps out.

Vinnie explains to Mike that he had been a criminal in Liberty City for too long and wanted out without splitting the money they had earned together, claiming any morals he had were lost long ago. The two fight and Vinnie, when he is about to killed, agrees to split the money, claims Mike won't be able to kill him and argues that every criminal in the city will be after him. Mike, however, informs his former friend that in trying to locate his killer, he had performed various 'despicable things' and he become 'like you Vinnie'. Mike's tells Vinnie he means nothing to him anymore, before ignores his former friends request of mercy and kills him.


Murders committed

  • Jonnie (killed for attempting to find out about his "death")
  • Cisco (killed for attempting to find out about his "death")

Mission appearances

GTA Advance