Honkers Gentlemen's Club

Honkers gentleman's club in Alderney, GTA IV.

Honkers is a strip club located in Tudor, Alderney, on the corner of Tinderbox Ave. and Julin Ave.


Honkers was owned by Pegorino boss, Jimmy Pegorino, and operated by Pegorino associate Phil Bell. Honkers, as well as The Triangle Club, is a place for an activity that can be done with any of the player's friends. Some of the girls in the game also like going to the strip clubs. Honkers is significantly smaller than the Triangle Club. The barman is a guy named Tommy.

The club bears a resemblance to Satin Dolls, a strip club located in Lodi, New Jersey, which was featured in The Sopranos as The Bada Bing! strip club. The name bears similarity to the Hooters restaurant chain. The logo itself bears a significant resemblance to the "Honker Burger" logo from the "Doug" cartoon, as noted here. After Jimmy Pegorino is killed, the bar remains open, and it is not said who is the owner of it after Pegorino's death.



  • The player may encounter a few glitches when visiting Honkers. If the player accepts an offer for a dance but enters the private room before the stripper, she will turn around and go back to her "rounds". the player will need to leave the club and reenter to receive the offer again. Also, a second stripper may be found wandering through the private room even during a dance, and may be observed exiting the club and walking around outside for no apparent reason.
  • The private dance animations used at Honkers appear to be raunchier than those at the Triangle Club.
  • As with the Triangle Club, running out of money while getting a private dance results in the player being attacked by club security.
  • The bouncer outside will chase and attack the player if a weapon is discharged nearby, even if not on Honkers property. This is to be noted if Johnny Klebitz finds himself engaged in a gang war incident near the club in The Lost and Damned.