Humane Labs and Research

Humane Labs and Research is a chemical research and manufacturing facility located in the San Chianski Mountain Range in Blaine County, San Andreas appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The facility works with the IAA to create biological weapons and entering the facility results in the player obtaining a four-star wanted level. Merryweather Security Consulting have also guarded shipments to the facility in the past. The researchers test their products on animals with monkeys being seen in cages inside the facility. Chemical shipments are taken, by van, from the facility to Los Santos International Airport twice a day. In the media, the facility is reported to be developing cheap perfumes.

Events in the HD Universe

In 2013, the protagonist of GTA Online stealing a shipment of chemicals for a planned robbery, evading the security and Merryweather mercenaries before returning to Lester Crest. Later in the year, if the player chooses the smart approach to robbing Vangelico's Fine Jewelry, a shipment of chemicals leaves the facility in a van, which is stolen by Michael De Santa and is later used to knock out the store's employees and customers. Later still in the same year, Michael and corrupt FIB agents Steve Haines and Dave Norton break into the facility through an underwater exhaust pipe and steal a powerful neurotoxin.

Mission apperances

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