BZ Gas Grenades

BZ Gas Grenades
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
For Michael De Santa
Lester Crest
Objective Steal gas grenades from a Humane Labs and Research van
Fail The van is destroyed or abandoned (unless the gas grenades are dropped beforehand)
The van reaches Los Santos International Airport
Unlocks The Jewel Store Job (Smart Approach)
Unlocked by Bugstars Equipment

BZ Gas Grenades is a heist setup mission in Grand Theft Auto V. It is only available if the player selects the Smart Approach for The Jewel Store Job.


When Michael De Santa calls Lester Crest about dropping off the Bugstars van, Lester tells Michael about the knockout gas. Lester tells Michael that the gas comes from a chemical lab on the coast; however, the gas is shipped from there to the airport twice daily. Michael goes to the freeway to intercept the delivery van. Michael can either steal the van itself and return it to the garment factory or shoot the van's doors, causing its cargo to fall out. Regardless of approach, attacking the delivery van invokes a wanted level. After recovering the cargo and evading the police, Michael returns to the garment factory with the gas grenades, and Lester informs him that the heist is ready to go.

Secondary objective

Objective Description
Loose Cargo Shoot open the back doors to release the cargo.

Video walkthrough

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