Protagonist (GTA Online)

Protagonist (GTA Online)
Appearances GTA Online
Full Name Protagonist (GTA Online)


Nationality American
Home Los Santos (2013)
Family John Marston (possible)
Niko Bellic (possible)
Claude (possible)
Misty (possible)
Main Affiliations Lamar Davis (2013)
The Families (2013)
Simeon Yetarian (2013)
Gerald G. (2013)
Lester Crest (2013)
Trevor Philips (2013)
Ron Jakowski (2013)
Brucie Kibbutz (2013)
Martin Madrazo (2013)
Vehicles Player's Choice
Businesses Muscle for hire
Voiced by Player's voice via headset

The Protagonist of Grand Theft Auto Online is the main playable character. A birth year from 1973 to 1992 is chosen and each player determines the appearance of the protagonist. The protagonist first arrives in Los Santos in 2013 after meeting Lamar Davis on Lifeinvader and agreeing to meet him there to start (or continue) living a life of crime.


During character customization, the player can determine past characters as relatives of the protagonist, some relatives are known characters from past Rockstar Games, such as Red Dead Redemption's John Marston. These special characters are only available to those who bought the Collector's Edition. It is unknown if more options will be added in the future.

Possible relatives

Red Dead Redemption
Grand Theft Auto III
Grand Theft Auto IV

Murders committed


  • The player cannot access the protagonist's Lifeinvader page, despite the protagonist having an account, as that's how they met Lamar Davis.
  • John Marston (1873 - 1911) could realistically be an ancestor of the protagonist, if John's son Jack Marston were to have had children.
  • The protagonist can choose a variety of homes from on the in-game website.
  • The GTA Online protagonist does not have a voice actor, and his/her voice is supplied by the player, talking through their headset with other players or using the feature to do things such as encourage a convenience store clerk to empty the registers quicker or to flirt with strippers to raise the Like level quicker.