Interstate 1

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Interstate 1
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Part of the San Andreas Highway System
Road information
South end: - Downtown
Major junctions: - Vinewood Bowl
- Tataviam Mountains
North end: and near Davis Quartz
Other names: Los Santos Freeway
Senora Way

Interstate 1 is an Interstate highway in the eastern part of San Andreas. It connects the Grand Senora Desert to the Los Santos International Airport, via Strawberry Ave.

Route description

Interstate 1 begins from the south on Strawberry Avenue, at the intersection with the Del Perro Freeway in Textile City and Strawberry Ave. It begins as the Los Santos Freeway, a six-lane urban freeway traveling northeast, passing between the Vinewood Racetrack and the Vinewood Bowl. It then begins to turn north while narrowing to a rural four-lane freeway at the Route 18 interchange, and skirts along the western edge of the Tataviam Mountains. This part is co-signed with Route 13.

At the intersection of the Palomino Freeway, the two routes split with 13 continuing north as the Senora Freeway and I-1 (according to the exit guide signs) turning toward Route 15. As soon as it goes onto the Palomino, it immediately exits onto Senora Way, where it travels north again toward it's north end at Route 68.

Interstate gap

Unusual for an Interstate, the Senora Way section is a two-lane road, where all other Interstates in San Andreas are controlled-access. The only sign that indicates I-1 being on Senora Way is an exit sign on the Palomino Freeway. Not only is there a gap in standards, but there is a gap in the road as well for southbound traffic. Since there is no ramp between Route 15 northbound and Interstate 1 southbound, there is a gap in the Interstate on the Route 15 portion for travelers going southbound. In order to legally return to Interstate 1 southbound from Route 15, one must continue on 13, make a U-turn on the Route 68 interchange.


Location Destination
Pillbox Hill Strawberry Ave (road continues)
Alta and (s/b)
East Vinewood
Tataviam Mountains Frontage road (n/b)
and (begin n/b concurrency; s/b gap)
Senora Way and (end n/b conurrency; s/b gap)
San Chianski Mountain Range and (road continues)