Route 68

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For the race in GTA:Online, see Route 68 (race)

Route 68 is an east-west rural Numbered Highway in the state of San Andreas and appears in Grand Theft Auto V. The highway passes through rural desert areas of the state and the small town of Harmony in Blaine County. There are stops along the highway such as a 24/7 and a Checkout!.


  • It is based on the classic real-life Route 66, with shields painted on the roadway itself. Weirdly enough, the real Route 66 ends at Santa Monica Beach, which the Vespucci Beach is based on, while Route 68 is only in the desert, probably based on the Midwest portion of Route 66.
  • The real U.S. Route 68 is an east–west United States highway that runs from northwest Ohio to western Kentucky.
  • The highway runs into Bolingbroke Penitentiary, which is located to the west of it.
  • Franklin can purchase the Los Santos Customs that is on this route.
  • With Rockstar's reputation for sexual humor, the road was intentionally marked as 68 because it mentally computes to 69 by fans familiar with Rockstar's humor.
  • In Grand Theft Auto IV, some Angels of Death members can be seen wearing a shirt with a Route 69 badge on it. This may have been the original name for the highway before the release of Grand Theft Auto V.