Vinewood Bowl

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The Vinewood Bowl is an amphitheatre located in the Vinewood Hills district of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. It is based on the Hollywood Bowl. Similar to their real-life counterparts, the Vinewood Sign is visible from the seating area of the Vinewood Bowl. It is accessible from the Los Santos Freeway (Interstate 1) off the Vinewood Park Drive exit. The reality talent show Fame or Shame is filmed at Vinewood Bowl for the competition proper.

Role in the GTA V plot

The Vinewood Bowl is the setting for Lifeinvader's keynote address for unveiling their prototype smartphone; during the address, Lifeinvader founder and CEO Jay Norris is assassinated on live national television when the phone explodes.

One of random locations where Michael may be found when reloading a game or switching characters is arguing with a cop on a park bench outside the Bowl's main gate.