Pillbox Hill

Pillbox Hill is a neighbourhood in central Los Santos with borders to Alta and Burton in the north, Legion Square and Textile City in the east, Chamberlain Hills and Strawberry in the south, and Little Seoul in the west. Pillbox Hill contains a number of skyscrapers and large businesses, in particular banks and other finance businesses. There are two transit stations, one of which is no longer in service and the player will spawn outside the Pillbox Hill Medical Center if they are wasted.

Events of HD Universe

Missions for Simeon Yetarian in both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, with the exception of Franklin and Lamar, all begin and end at the Simeon's Premium Deluxe Motorsport car dealership with Franklin and Lamar ending at the dealership. A random event where the player can once again meet Simeon, after he had fired Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis. Franklin also steals archiectural plans for Lester Crest during Architect's Plans.





  • There are ATMs at the following locations:
    • 1 at Escapism Travel
    • 2 at the FIB building
    • 2 at FLEECA
    • 1 at Go Postal
    • 1 at Lombank
    • 1 at Maison Ricard
    • 2 at Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter
    • 2 at the Union Depository
  • There are First aid kits at the following locations:
    • 2 at the Pillbox Hill Medical Center
    • 1 in the metro tunnels under counstruction underneath the Union Depository