For other characters of the same name, see Luke (GTA CW) or Luke Duke.

Luke is the host of Fresh 105 in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and calls himself a renegade. He tries to get others in the city to rebel against the establishment and particularly dislikes the Vice City Police Department, who had at one point arrested him. He also complains about their lack of control, stating the rise in various crimes (for example carjacking). He also frequently calls for people to walk around the Vice Beach area naked.

Luke, who broadcasts shows from the Malibu Club in Vice Point, has more freedom than other radio disc jockeys as Fresh 105 has no sponsor. He receives offers for the station by Oliver Biscuit, which he declines on air. He later accepts the offer, which explains the stations disappearance by 1986. He is also the most obscene radio host in the Grand Theft Auto series and is, despite complaints from listeners, not afraid to use vulgar language. Luke is voiced by Luther Campbell of the famous rap group 2 Live Crew.


  • When he states All you dick-eaters,all you Lawyer Motherfuckers who have nothing else to do in life, GO FUCK YOURSELVES! it may be a reference to Jack Thompson, as he was a Florida Bar Lawyer at the time GTA Vice City Stories was released.