Malibu Club

Malibu Club
Game GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City Stories
Type of business Nightclub
Owner(s) Tommy Vercetti (from 1986)
Location(s) Vice Point, Vice City
Gang affiliation Vercetti Gang
Mission appearance(s) No Escape?
The Shootist
The Driver
The Job

The Malibu Club is a nightclub in Vice Point, Vice City in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It is the only nightclub in Vice City in both of its renditions.


The Malibu Club is one of the more notable places to be in Vice City. As of 1986, a five man entourage of what appears to be the Village People (a very famous disco band in the late 70s who dressed in police, construction, military uniforms, etc. as costumes) is performing onstage, and everyone from wealthy, trendy women to Cuban, Haitian and Sharks gang members are in attendance. Civilians and police officers from the outside will sometimes come inside the bar to chill out; they can be seen inside the club, loitering by the entrance. Kent Paul frequents the club in 1986.

The club can be purchased by protagonist Tommy Vercetti for $120,000, which then unlocks a series of four asset missions. After completing all of the asset missions, the Malibu club generates up to $10,000 in revenue a day. Despite being Vercetti Gang turf, the Vercetti Gang does not appear either inside or outside the Malibu Club, presumably to blend in with the city without giving any indication it is a gang front. Tommy Vercetti's changes to the nightclub include replacing the former bartender (who wears a black and white striped dress and is wearing black shoes and is armed with a stubby shotgun) with a stripper wearing a white bikini and a cowboy hat who looks exactly like a stripper from the Pole Position Club (whether this is the same woman, the two are related or this is coincidence is disputable).

The Malibu Club has an office which is located upstairs from the bar. The player can see the whole ground floor of the club from the office. Attempting to enter the office without first buying the club will result in the bartender shooting the player to death with a stubby shotgun. A way around this is to kill the bartender and two bouncers guarding the office before entering. Doing so, however, will give the player a one or two star wanted level. Although there is a large full drinks bar on the ground floor, Ken Rosenberg has a minibar installed in the upstairs manager's office (possibly for personal use). There is also a small scale model of of Colonel Juan Cortez' ship in the upstairs office, along with a chalkboard, wooden table, chairs, black couches and a small coffee table with wine/beer bottles on it. After the completion of The Job, a knife and the Bank Job Outfit spawns inside the office, next to the large wooden table.

If the player decides to shoot everyone inside (before they buy the club), the female bartender will try to kill the player with a stubby shotgun. Shooting everyone inside the club will bring your wanted level up to 3-4 stars. The SWAT team will come after you from outside (although only regular VCPD officers come into the club). After the player buys the club, Tommy's choice of bartender is unarmed and topless with nipple tape and and the bodyguards will not fight back if Tommy punches them. However, the guards outside will fight back when punched, regardless of ownership.

The Malibu Club exists in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (set in 1984), although it cannot be entered by the player. There are no signs on the building depicting the name of the club, but it is referred to as the Malibu by Reni Wassulmaier during the mission So Long Schlong and also by DJ Luke on Fresh FM.

Malibu Club missions

No Escape?

Tommy Vercetti, planning a bank robbery, is informed by Ken Rosenberg of a good safecracker called Cam Jones, who is inprisoned in the Washington Beach Police Station. Tommy breaks him out of the jail, and takes him back to his business.

The Shootist

Tommy Vercetti needs someone who can handle a gun, and Cam Jones tells him about a local gun-runner Phil Cassidy. Tommy defeats Phil at Ammu-Nation in a shooting range competition, after which Phil agrees to join Tommy in the bank robbery.

The Driver

Tommy Vercetti needs a getaway driver, and Phil tells him about a man called Hilary King. After Tommy defeats Hilary in a street race, Hilary joins the team as a driver.

The Job

The group goes to El Banco Corrupto Grande and Tommy, Phil and Cam rob the bank while Hilary circles the block. Shortly before the safe is cracked by Cam, the alarm sounds and the police storm the building. The trio kill several police as they exit the building. When Hilary arrives and gets out of the car to provide cover, he gets shot dead. Tommy and Phil escape (Cam can also escape, although depending on the players choice, Cam can die), and split the money.

Purchasing the Malibu Club and completing the four asset missions is required for 100% Completion.


  • Pointer Sisters - "Automatic" (from Fever 105)
  • Go West - "Call Me" (from Flash FM)
  • Wang Chung - "Dance Hall Days" (from Flash FM)

Other songs are played in the club during certain mission cinematics, which aren't heard during the player's interaction with the club:


  • If you throw a Molotov Cocktail at the floor in the club the floor will disappear and blue hell will appear. This glitch only works occasionally.
  • If you jump onto then off of the refrigerator in the back of the club, behind the bar, you can jump onto the roof of the club then go outdoors while the game still thinks you are inside the club. As you go farther away from the club, less and less things are rendered, however, everything is still there invisibly. The music plays as if you are in the club no matter where you go. If you go to the West Island, the load time is greatly reduced. You can complete missions while in this glitch, as well as collecting now revealed things such as hidden packages, which are still visible. During the cutscenes of missions the glitch has the same effect. Going into another building that requires indoor/outdoor loading will undo the glitch, as well as such missions as the final Auntie Poulet mission, Dirty Lickin's.


  • The Malibu Club is near entirely inspired by The Babylon Club from the 1983 film Scarface, the film in which most of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is inspired from.
  • It should also be noted that the guards outside the Malibu Club do not wear sunglasses but the guards inside do, which is strange, considering the fact that it should be the other way around.
  • The Malibu Club's new bartender looks exactly like the cowboy themed stripper from the Pole Position Club. Whether this is the same woman, the two are related or this is coincidence is disputable.