Mr. McReary

Mr. McReary
Appearances GTA IV
Full Name Mr. McReary


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 2000
Nationality Irish
Home Dukes, Liberty City
Family Maureen McReary (wife)
Derrick McReary (son)
Francis McReary (son)
Gerald McReary (son)
Patrick McReary (son)
Kate McReary (daughter)
Main Affiliations Irish Mob

Mr. McReary is a character in the HD Universe and was the father of Derrick, Gerald, Patrick, Francis, and Kate McReary, and husband of Maureen McReary. He was the Boss of the Irish Mob until he committed suicide in 2000. However it is speculated by Packie, that Gerald may have actually killed him. Packie mentions that he used to abuse his boys, but left Kate alone. Maureen states that he is most likely in "Hell". In one mission, there is a portrait above Maureen McReary's fireplace that shows what Mr. McReary looked like.

When Patrick and Niko hang out, Patrick may open up to Niko, and tell him that he and Gerry were molested by their father. He calls his father a 'pervert' and condemns his memory to "the seventh circle of Hell".Maureen is extremely upset over his death.


  • There is a portrait in Oleg Minkov's apartment above his fireplace of Mr. McReary and Maureen McReary as seen in the mission Wrong is Right. This is because in the files, the model fireplace is attached to the picture frame, so when used in Oleg's apartment, the picture went with it.