Wrong is Right

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Wrong is Right
Karen apologising to Niko Bellic for posing as his girlfriend Michelle outside of the United Liberty Paper office building.

Karen apologising to Niko Bellic for posing as his girlfriend Michelle outside of the United Liberty Paper office building.
For United Liberty Paper
Target Oleg Minkov
Location Easton, Algonquin, Liberty City
Reward $6,500
Unlocks Portrait of a Killer
Unlocked by The Snow Storm
Photo Shoot

Wrong is Right is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to protagonist Niko Bellic by an unnamed government agent working for the United Liberty Paper front company from his office in Easton, Algonquin, Liberty City.


Niko Bellic meets his former girlfriend Michelle outside the office building of United Liberty Paper. Following on from the revelations at the end of "The Snow Storm", she reveals herself to be an employee of the US government and that her name is actually Karen, and the two have a tense conversation before she introduces him to her boss. Karen's boss asks Niko to gather information on Oleg Minkov, a Russian citizen living in Hove Beach, who is extremely paranoid about the government. Niko drives to and then breaks in to Minkov's apartment, using his laptop to read an e-mail from Vasily, talking about a meeting at a jewelery shop. Niko, much to his displeasure, is ordered by Karen's boss to kill Oleg, so he drives to the jewelery shop, also in Hove Beach, but is spotted by the two Russians who split up. Niko follows Minkov and kills him, either through blowing up his car or killing him after he crashes his car in Middle Park West and is knocked out. Niko then phones his United Liberty Paper contact to inform him of Minkov's death.


The reward for completing this mission is $6,500 and the mission Portrait of a Killer is unlocked.

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  • The player can complete the mission without killing Minkov although only by destroying his car, causing him to bail from the moving vehicle before it explodes.
  • Oleg Minkov stops talking to Vasily in Russian after spotting Niko Bellic although the subtitles show the complete sentence.
  • Oleg Minkov speaks to Niko after crashing his car in Middle Park West despite being knocked out.
  • A photograph of Mr. McReary and Maureen McReary on the fireplace inside Minkov's apartment, identical to the one located in the McReary house.
  • Vasily runs way when the Oleg takes off in his car; this is a decoy - the mission does not require Niko to kill Vasily and trying to do so results in Oleg getting away.


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