Multistorey Mayhem

Multistorey Mayhem
Objective Collect 20 checkpoints
Location Newport Multistorey Car Park, Newport, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Fail Player dies, player exits vehicle, player runs out of time
Reward $30,000
Time Limit 0:05 per checkpoint (2:00 total)

Multistorey Mayhem is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto III. It is one of four vehicle checkpoint missions found throughout Liberty City. It can be triggered by entering a Stallion in front of the Newport Multistorey Car Park in Newport, Staunton Island.


The player must collect 20 checkpoints scattered throughout the car park within a varying time limit. The timer starts at 20 seconds immediately after the mission is triggered. Checkpoints may be picked up in any order. An additional 5 seconds is awarded for each checkpoint that the player collects, adding up to a total time limit of 2 minutes. The reward for completing this side mission is $30,000 and a step toward 100% completion.

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