One Man Army

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One Man Army
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
Trophy grade: Silver
Gamerscore: 40 Gamerscore
Requirement: You survived a 6 star wanted level for a full 5 minutes

One Man Army is a trophy/achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is not story related, so it can be missed while playing the game.


You acquire this trophy when you've managed to survive for five minutes with a wanted rating of six stars. The easiest way to acquire this achievement is to steal a helicopter from Higgins Helitours in Algonquin and fly it over Alderney (the westernmost island) before you've unlocked it. Another easy way is to obtain six stars by various means and then shelter within Playboy X's Penthouse. Dwayne's backup service can also aid in this achievement by drawing fire away from Niko.

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