Over the Top

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Over The Top
Victor Vance about to steal the Hunter attack helicopter from Fort Baxter Air Base

Victor Vance about to steal the Hunter attack helicopter from Fort Baxter Air Base
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Ricardo Diaz
Target Hunter
Location Starfish Island, Vice City
Reward $3,000
Unlocks Last Stand
Army fatigues
Unlocked by Light My Pyre

Over The Top is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by Ricardo Diaz from his home on Starfish Island, Vice City.


Ricardo Diaz informs Victor Vance that Diego Mendez is hiding in the Mendez Compound in Downtown and that entering the compound would be a suicide mission. However, at Fort Baxter Air Base there is a Hunter helicopter, which has just been delivered, which could be used to attack the compound from the air. Victor drives to Phil Cassidy's warehouse in Viceport, avoiding Mendez Cartel hitmen. Victor finds a drunk Phil, distraught after the death of one of his sisters. He agrees to be a decoy to allow Victor to sneak onto the base, as a step towards avenging her. Victor drives to Fort Baxter Air Base, where he exits the truck and Phil drives the truck, full of boomshine, into the forts entrance, causing an explosion.

Victor then sneaks into Fort Baxter Air Base and makes his way to the main building, killing any soldiers he spots. After entering the control room, Victor unlocks the gates to the Hunter. However, the soldiers realise his plans and secure the Hunter, planning to take-off within three minutes. Victor manages to get to the helicopter and lands it on the helipad on Diaz's Mansion.


Ricardo Diaz: Vic Vance! You ready?

Victor Vance: What's going on, Diaz?

Ricardo Diaz: It's time for you to revenge the death of that girl of yours, and bring the whole Mendez operation down. You wanna bump, man?

Victor Vance: No.

Ricardo Diaz: Well, I do.

Victor Vance: Ah, Jesus.

Ricardo Diaz: My spies tell me everything. This is the plan. The army took delivery of some new attack helicopter. Meanwhile, Diego Mendez thinks he's untouchable, just because no one can get to him in his compound from the ground. So...

Victor Vance: So, how about I sneak into the army base, steal that chopper and use it to attack him?

Ricardo Diaz: Hehehehe! Si señor!

Victor Vance: Si señor? Are you kidding me? That coke is doing something to your brain, buddy.

Ricardo Diaz: No, it just helps me think...and it helps me get it on. It'll be easy, but you'll need help. What about Quentin? He can fly...

Victor Vance: No thanks, I know - what about this guy, Phil. He's an old army buddy of mine.

Ricardo Diaz: I love him. Go get him.

Victor Vance: Alright.

Ricardo Diaz: This is it, man. No more Mendez - no more trouble for us! HAHAHAHA!

(Victor Vance drives to Phil Cassidy's warehouse in Viceport)

Victor Vance: Phil...I don't know what to say. I'm going after Diego Mendez. I wouldn't ask for help if I didn't need it, but, I need it. There's an attack copter down at the base. If I could get hold of it...

Phil Cassidy: You need a decoy...And I've got all the decoy you're gonna need.

(Victor Vance and Phil Cassidy enters Phil's truck)

Phil Cassidy: I, I, I, I can't believe she's gone. Sorry Vic...she was a good soldier...a good sister, I mean.

(Victor Vance and Phil Cassidy drive to Fort Baxter Air Base)

Victor Vance: You're not gonna do anything stupid, are you man?

Phil Cassidy: We're breaking into a military base, and I'm drunk. What could be more stupid? Don't worry about me. Don't worry about me.

(Phil Cassidy drives towards Fort Baxter's front gate)


(Phil Cassidy jumps out the truck and the truck crashes against the forts entrance, the truck explodes blowing up the entrance.)

Phil Cassidy: Yeeaah! Suck on that!


The reward for completing the mission is $3,000, the Army fatigues and the final storyline mission, Last Stand, is unlocked.


  • It is possible to enter the administration building without being detected at all. After jumping down into the base, simply run alongside a wall or fence to avoid the spotlight. Kill the soldier silently by breaking his neck, and then run to the building as quickly as possible.


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