A view of Viceport from the south in GTA Vice City.

Viceport (rarely spelled as Vice Port) is a district and the principal seaport in Vice City in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Viceport is located on the southeastern peninsular of Vice City Mainland, neighboring Little Havana to the north and Escobar International Airport to the west. As expected for a seaport, the district primarily contains port facilities and warehouses, and large shipping vessels dock on the southern and eastern shorelines of the seaport. Laborers and commercial/industrial traffic are common in the district.

Viceport's boundaries also extended further southeast into the bay towards Vice City Beach, encompassing a set of stilt houses drawing inspiration from the real-life Stiltsville. In GTA Vice City, there are only three such structures, one of which has partially fallen apart; GTA Vice City Stories modifies the area to include four stilt houses, which are all in good condition, connected by an extensive network of concrete and wooden piers, and secured by wooden guard towers.

East Viceport houses the Ocean Bay Marina, half of which is actually located in Ocean Beach itself.

Points of interest

A prominent landmark in Viceport is the Boatyard, a boat-building facility which would eventually be purchased by the Vercetti Gang circa 1986 in GTA Vice City. After purchase, a Squalo and a Jetmax will be found docked at the Boatyard, although entering them activates Checkpoint Charlie, a boat checkpoint mission. One of Viceport's container ships in GTA Vice City is also owned by the Vice City Triads, and is believed to be used for a large-scale counterfeit operation and is protected by Patrol Invest Group guards to keep trespassers off the ship. A Chartered Libertine Lines ship (similar in design to Les Cargo from GTA III) is also docked at Viceport in GTA Vice City. In GTA Vice City Stories, set in 1984, the Viceport district also houses the Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound, Phil's Depot, and Phil's Shooting Range.

In both GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories, a Pay 'n' Spray is based within the area. In addition, an 8-Ball bomb shop can also be found at the southwestern warehouse in Viceport's southwestern sorting yard in GTA Vice City.

Other points of interest include minor businesses, such as Cam's Can Openers in GTA Vice City and Hooker Inn/Beachcomber Hotel, and the Vice City Port Authority.


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