Pier Pressure

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Pier Pressure
Game GTA Online
Protagonist GTA Online's protagonist
For Gerald G.
Target Methamphetamine
Location Los Santos
Fail The methamphetamine is destroyed
The player/team runs out of team lives
Reward 15 JP
1,390 RP
Unlocked by Reaching Rank 6

You may be looking for Pier Pressure Pizzeria, a business in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Pier Pressure is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the protagonist by Gerald G.. The player must have reached rank six to unlock the mission, which can be played by one to four players.


The protagonist(s), working for Gerald G., heads to the Del Perro Pier and interupts a drugs deal between the Lost MC and the Los Santos Vagos. After killing the gang members involved, the methamphetamine is taken back to Gerald's apartment in Strawberry.

Mission prompt

Gerald G.: Sticking punks up is the perfect hustle for the new kid in town. Marks ain't gonna recognize you, won't be able to come back. Take advantage of that low profile at a meet under the Del Perro Pier. I don't care what happens to the Lost and Vagos dudes involved, long as the product finds its way to my spot. Oh yeah, there'll be some change in it for you.


(The protagonist(s) steals the methamphetamine and delivers in to Gerald)

Gerald G.: Nice. Now keep your mouth shut about me, you hear?


The reward for completing the mission is $1,500.

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos
Hard difficulty with three players