Race to Run

Race to Run
Mike meeting King Courtney
Mike meeting King Courtney

Mike meeting King Courtney
Game GTA Advance
For King Courtney
Location Newport, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Reward $10,000 or $30,000
Unlocks Latin Coffee

Race to Run is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance, given to protagonist Mike by Uptown Yardies leader King Courtney from the a jetty in Newport on Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Mike meets King Courtney, who he believes killed Jonnie. Courtney convinces him that he had nothing to do with Jonnie's death and tells Mike that he needs him to drive in a race, because his best driver is unavailable. Mike wins the race, despite attempts by the Yakuza to destroy the car, and returns to King Courtney in Newport. King Courtney informs Mike that a Jamaican Formula One driver is coming to the city tomorrow and the car needs to be tested. Mike then drives the car round the streets of Staunton Island.


Mike: Tell me why I don't just shoot you now? You're the goon that took out a friend of mine - the bartender. I tracked you here all the way from Portland.

King Courtney: Easy, mon. Don't go spreading accusations about King Courtney when you don't know the deal. Yes, it was my men who went to the bartender's pad to collect some money owed to me but they're no murderers. When they got there, they found the man dead and came back here. Easy, mon, and tell me who you are.

Mike: The name's Mike. Now tell me more so I can believe you.

King Courtney: I want to find the bastards as much as you do. Whatever money the bartender had was stolen. That's my money and I want it back. Do some favors for me and I'll help you track down the murderer. I have a prime opportunity for you. My normal driver has a bullet hole in his head - just before the most important race of the season, mon! It's against the Yakuza - the driver's a bit crazy and may try to ram you. The race happens on the walk-to-work day so there won't be much traffic around. If you do well, we'll shut the city down and let you drive a real formula one racing car!

Mike: Hmm, formula one race, not what I expected but hey, maybe I'll get one of the babes to sit on my hood afterwards.

(Mike wins the race)

King Courtney: You're a qualifier, mon! You're ready for stepping it up and being a real race driver. Come back to my headquarters and I'll put the word to you.

King Courtney (pager): Mike, we're running out of time, get on back here! King.

(Mike drives back to the docks in Newport)

King Courtney: Mon... the pressure is high, higher than what I'm used to! We've got a formula one Jamaican driver coming in tomorrow for the Staunton Grand Prix. I need you to test drive his car for him. The faster, the better!

Mike: Sure thing, King. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'd be crazy to turn it down. It's automatic, right?

King Courtney: There are buttons on the wheel just like a computer game. Get on with your bad self!

(If Mike finishes quickly)

King Courtney: I don't believe it, mon! You're the fastest driver ever. Living life in the fast lane, you're keeping everybody high with happiness.

(If Mike finishes in a decent time)

King Courtney: You're blazing fast, mon. Smoking red! The ladies are shouting your name, Mike! Mike!

(If Mike finishes slowly)

King Courtney: You're not a bad driver mon, but you're not ready for the big leagues. Keep your day job of hustling and do some pimping on the side!

Post Mission Page Script

King Courtney (pager): Come to my pad, mon. I need the Columbian coffee. King.


The reward for completing the mission is $30,000 for completing the second race quickly or $10,000 for completing the mission in a medium or slow time. The mission Latin Coffee is unlocked by completing the mission.

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