Appearances GTA Advance
Full Name Jonnie


Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth United States
Date of Death 2000 (during Show the Money)
Nationality American
Home Red Light District, Liberty City
Main Affiliations Freddy (until 2000)
Vinnie (until 2000)
King Courtney (until 2001)
Mike (until 2000)
Vehicles Monster Truck
Businesses The Bar
Voiced by N/A

You may be looking for the film character played by Biff Rock in Grand Theft Auto Advance.

Jonnie is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto Advance. He is the owner of The Bar. Due to the technical limitations of the Game Boy Advance, no voice actor was hired to voice Jonnie.

Character history

Jonnie, at some point prior to 2000, opened up The Bar in the Red Light District of Portland and became an friend of Vinnie, who also borrowed money from him. He had also become an associate of King Courtney, the Uptown Yardies leader, who he owed 'several thousand' for 'party favors'. Explosives expert 8-Ball tells Mike, who was looking for Vinnie's killer, about Vinnie's meeting with Jonnie at Portland Harbor but warns that Jonnie is 'sleazy' and 'he's involved in all kinds of dodgy business'. Mike and Jonnie meet at Portland Harbor where Jonnie tells Mike he'll look into Vinnie's death while Mike repays Vinnie's debt. The two return to The Bar but are chased away, eventually returning and killing their pursuers.

Jonnie begins employing Mike while looking into Vinnie's death, first having him kill several people who owed him money, driving Jonnie's girlfriend, whose father is a 'bent politician', home while evading her boyfriend, collecting five ingredients for a 'special brew' and blowing up a new disco. Jonnie, having seen some suspicious characters driving past The Bar, but tells Mike to collect some illegal cargo at Portland Harbor being guarded by weapons smugglers, which includes a rocket launcher. Jonnie also informs Mike that he has discovered the Mafia (likely the Leone Family) was not involved, saying they are looking into his death as Vinnie owed them money. Mike collects the rocket launcher and returns it to Jonnie, unused, before 'persuading' a Senator to drop his proposed bill to ban smoking inside bars and restaurants.

Jonnie, feeling the pressure from King Courtney who wants his money back, has Mike track down Freddy who owes him money and has played him 'for a fool with marked cards'. Mike tracks him down and Freddy states he can give him $1,000 now or $10,000 if given 'a minute'. Freddy then has his men ambush Mike, who kills them all and recovers the $5,000 he had. Mike returns to The Bar to see a 'massacre' and Jonnie dead. A car speeds off and Mike follows it to Staunton Island, losing the car. Mike tracks down King Courtney and accuses his men of killing Jonnie, which King Courtney denies. Mike later discovers the truth behind Jonnie's death when realising the car that had driven away from The Bar, which was driven by Vinnie. Mike kills Vinnie in revenge for betraying him and killing his friends Jonnie and Colombian Cartel leader Cisco, who Mike remembers shortly before leaving Liberty City.

Mission appearances

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