Rockford LCS

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Liberty City Subway station

Station information
Service Liberty City Subway
Platforms 1
Tracks 2
Borough Staunton Island
Next north Shoreside Terminal
Next south Portland

Rockford is a subway station on the Liberty City Subway in Staunton Island, Liberty City.


The station is located at the border between Staunton Island's Rockford, Liberty Campus, Fort Staunton neighborhoods, offering convenient access to Carson General Hospital and the Liberty City Community College, and serving as the principal subway station in southern Staunton. Like other stations in the city, the station is originally unnamed in GTA III; the station's name was later retconned as "Rockford Station" in GTA Liberty City Stories.

The station is pointed out in the official GTA III website with the following caption:

Use the subway to travel underground, all around this great island city of ours. From Portland to Staunton and cross to Shoreside Vale, it is part of one of the finest transit systems in the US.