Carson General Hospital

Carson General Hospital
Carson General Hospital in Rockford, Staunton Island, Liberty City, as depicted in GTA III.
Location: Rockford, Staunton Island
Use: Hospital

Carson General Hospital is a hospital located in Rockford, Staunton Island, Liberty City, serving as the only hospital on Staunton Island. It is where the player spawns to after getting killed in the premises of Staunton Island (after unlocking Staunton Island; players spawn at Sweeney General Hospital instead if they manage to reach the island before "Last Requests" and die in Staunton).


The hospital was established in 1973, with the sign for the hospital reading "Because Health is Liberty". The hospital is located close to Liberty City Community College in Liberty Campus and Liberty City Memorial Stadium in Aspatria, also known as Bush Stadium. Two Health Icons are located at the hospital as well as an Ambulance.

Different vehicles can be found in the car park in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. In GTA III, these include a Moonbeam, Bobcat, Rumpo and a Stallion. A hidden package is also located at the hospital in Grand Theft Auto III. The hospital also appears in Grand Theft Auto Advance. In GTA Liberty City Stories, the abandoned subway is on the other side of the wall near the opera house.