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Meet Jacob at the warehouse in East Hook, Broker. He is at the back entrance.

The next cutscene will show Little Jacob standing off to the side, watching in case anything "goes bad". The door opens and Dimitri Rascalov and Rodislav Bulgarin walk up to Niko. Dimitri says that you did a great job executing Faustin, but he refuses to give you the money for killing him. He says that you double-crossed Mr. Bulgarin and stole a lot of money from him back in Europe, and now wants Niko dead for his unpaid debts. Bulgarin and Rascolov flee to the back of the warehouse and leave Niko and Jacob facing dozens of armed men.

After the cut scene ends you will automatically be behind cover. Work your way around the warehouse taking out the goons. Jacob is a mortal man, and he has a tendency (as mentioned in Concrete Jungle) to rush ahead of the player, but you do not need to worry about him very much. Don't take too long though, if Little Jacob dies you'll fail the mission.

There are useful molotov, health pack, grenades and body armour pickups close to your original postion that you can collect to aid in taking out Rascolov's goons

Its best to use your most powerful weapons in this mission. Take cover and attempt kill all the goons on the top floor first, if you don't, they can easily blast away at you while you are trying to move toward the back of the warehouse. After you take out the thugs on the top floor, start gunning down the others on the ground floor, remember to go ahead of Jacob or at least near him because he can sometimes be ganged-up on easily without covering fire. Once you've killed the majority of the goons, Dimitri and Bulgarin will escape and the cops will show up giving you a two-star wanted level. Head to the front gate, kill the rest of the goons and simply run out the door, take out the cops near Jacob's Virgo, wait for Little Jacob to get in then speed off. Drive south out of the navy yard then east towards the expressway or Pay 'N Spray to lose your wanted level, then take Little Jacob back to the Homebrew Cafe to pass this mission.


Once Little Jacob is safely back home, you'll get a message about calling Roman. Its advised that you don't call him just yet or you will go straight into the next mission that will render your Hove Beach safehouse unusable, which you may still find it useful for a couple more missions. A little while later Roman may call you, don't pick up, just reject the call. If you pick up, you'll also be thrown straight into the next mission. just keep rejecting his calls until you've done the missions, or you restock your health and weapons.