Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution
Niko Bellic and Little Jacob shortly before Niko meets Dimitri Rascalov.
Niko Bellic and Little Jacob shortly before Niko meets Dimitri Rascalov.

Niko Bellic and Little Jacob shortly before Niko meets Dimitri Rascalov.
For Dimitri Rascalov
Objective Meet with Dimitri, then escape from Ray Bulgarin's henchmen and the LCPD
Location Broker
Fail Death of Little Jacob
Reward None
Unlocks Roman's Sorrow
Unlocked by Shadow
The Master and the Molotov

Russian Revolution is Dimitri Rascalov's final mission in Grand Theft Auto IV, where he is supposed to give Niko Bellic payment for killing Mikhail Faustin. This mission is triggered not long after "The Master and the Molotov" is completed, when Niko calls Dimitri or vice versa to find out if Dimitri has Niko's payment.

This mission introduces the player to large scale shootouts and briefs on the cover system and blind fire.


After Niko and Dimitri agree to meet in an abandoned warehouse in East Hook to collect the payment for Faustin's assassination, Little Jacob calls Niko to express his suspicion of Dimitri's motives and insists joining Niko as backup in an event the deal goes sour. With Jacob concealed and keeping an eye on the deal, Niko enters the warehouse to meet Dimitri, only to learn, to his surprise, that Dimitri has been working with Ray Bulgarin, who Niko has worked with in Eastern Europe and fled from after a botched job that left Niko in debt.

As Niko is unable to repay what was owed to Bulgarin, Niko was ordered killed, but manages to fight back and is joined by Jacob, resulting in a firefight in the warehouse. Dimitri and Bulgarin escape, leaving Niko and Jacob to deal with and kill a dozen of Bulgarin's men, as well as the police who have surrounded the building after Dimitri's and Bulgarin's departure from the area.

Stealing a car and escaping the police, Niko drives Jacob to the Homebrew Café while voicing his anger at both Dimitri and Bulgarin, vowing to kill them while Jacob assures him that they will inevitably pay the price. After dropping Jacob off, Niko must contact Roman to tell him the bad news, thus leading to the next mission. (If Niko doesn't call Roman, Roman will eventually contact Niko.)


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