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Safehouses (also known as properties) are buildings featured in Grand Theft Auto Online for the player to purchase and inhabit. They can be used as a place to sleep, shower, watch TV, hang out with friends and more.

Like their singleplayer counterparts, all safehouses also come equipped with garages for vehicle storage.


Similar to GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, safehouses can be purchased by the player. They are mostly found in the eastern area of Los Santos and can be bought either on spot or by the in-game Dynasty 8 website, where all available houses are listed. Each online character can only own one house (or one individual garage).

When purchased, houses can be either accessed by the front door or by their garage. They can also be set as spawn points for when the player enters Online. While the appearance of interiors varies depending on the garage capacity (see interiors for more information), all houses are standardly equipped with a television, computer, multiple drinks on the kitchen, a bed, radio, shower enclosures, and closets. Safehouses with 10-car garages also include a telescope.

Multiple activities can be performed while in safehouses, including:

  • Watching television (Including entrance and garage security cameras)
  • Browsing the internet on the computer
  • Taking showers in the bathroom
  • Changing clothes in the closet
  • Drinking
  • Smoking on bongs
  • Sleep on the bed
  • Calling in strippers after getting their number from the Vanilla Unicorn
  • Looking through the telescope (If the house has one)
  • Inviting friends over to hang out


There are three diferent interiors for safehouses that vary depending on the capacity of their garage.

Garage capacity Description Houses / Locations
  • 2 cars or motorbikes
  • 1 bicycle
A small ghetto-style house, with cheap furniture and low lighting. Features a medium living room with an open kitchen and a small messy bedroom and bathroom. Doesn't feature any sort of window view. Uses some assets from the Clinton residence.
  • Davis Avenue
  • Row Lowenstein
  • Boulevard Del Pierro
  • Prosperity Street
  • Cougar Avenue
  • Vespucci Boulevard
  • San Vitas Street
  • Las Lagunas Boulevard
  • 6 cars or motorbikes
  • 2 bicycles
Medium sized house, with slightly better furniture and better lighting. Features a medium bedroom and living room with an open kitchen and a small bathroom. Also doesn't feature any sort of window view. Uses some assets from Debra's Apartment.
  • Dream Tower
  • South Rockford Drive
  • Bay City Avenue
  • S Mo Milton
  • The Royale
  • Milton Rd
  • Las Lagunas Boulevard
  • Spanish Ave
  • Power Street
  • 10 cars or motorbikes
  • 7 bicycles
Large open space apartment, with a modern decoration and good lighting. Features a big living room with an open kitchen, a big bedroom and a medium bathroom. Also has a separate division for the closet and a small studio near the entrance. Includes a large paronamic window view that allows the player to see the surrounding world. Uses some assets from Franklin's house in 3671 Whispymound Drive.
  • Tinsel towers
  • Richards Majestic
  • Integrity way
  • Weazel Plaza
  • Del Pierro Heights
  • Alta St.
  • Eclipse Towers


  • It is possible that purchasable safehouses were supposed to be in single player, as one is seen being bought in the gameplay trailer.
  • While inside an apartment, players cannot draw their weapons, possibly to prevent harm to visitors. They are now able to run inside as of patch 1.07.