Debra's Apartment

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Debra's apartment is a safehouse located in Vespucci Beach, Los Santos.


Situated in a building located in Vespucci Beach, Los Santos, and becomes accessible after the mission Friends Reunited when Trevor and Wade move to Los Santos to find Michael. They lived there with Wade's cousin, Floyd. The apartment is rather small but it plays a significant role in the story, being the planning grounds of a heist. After some time, during the mission Hang Ten, Debra comes back to the apartment after being out from the city for a time. Then, she is revolted by the presence of Trevor in the apartment, and blames her boyfriend Floyd for letting him in. Trevor tries to calm the situation down but Debra pulls out a gun and threatens Trevor, and Floyd pulls out a knife. Trevor gets angry with them and off-screen, he killed both Floyd and Debra, leaving the apartment. After this, Wade appears and wants to see his cousin, but Trevor stops him and he takes Wade to go to the Vanilla Unicorn, where they take out the owner and take over the business.


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  • Floyd's apartment is modeled upon Melanie's apartment from the film "Jackie Brown" by Quentin Tarantino. Even the pictures on the kitchen's pillar are very similar to those from the movie.
  • The apartment gets dirtier as the storyline goes on:
    • Dildos appear in Debra's bedroom.
    • A sex doll appears in the bathroom.
    • Fecal matter covers the apartment.
    • A painting gets smashed by Trevor. 
    • On a blackboard in the kitchen, "Debra is a bitch!" and a penis is scribbled on it.
    • Floyd's bedroom starts to have trash on the floor.
    • The closet in the hall gets a hole in it.
    • 3 words on the wall (entrance) "Laugh, Love, Live" are crossed out and replaced with, "eat shit die."
    • Ferdinand Kerimov's tooth appears with the wrench on the coffee table after By the Book