A scrambler intercepting the map.
A scrambler intercepting the map.

A scrambler intercepting the map.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Wade Heston
Reward None
Unlocks Arms Out of Harm's Way
Steal the Wheels
Unlocked by Friend or Foe?
Faster Pusher Man! Sell! Sell!
Grave Situation

Scrambled is a mission given to Huang Lee by Wade Heston in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


There are three scramblers to destroy, all guarded by enemies. Once the player is in range they must use the signal bar in the corner to find them, as their GPS signal is interfered with. The first one is a Gumshoe parked in a alleyway. The second is a stationary unit on a gas station roof. There are Grenades at the gas station that can be used to destroy the second and third scramblers. The third is a moving Gumshoe, whose driver is armed with a Minigun. Once the last scrambler is destroyed, the mission is over.


Heston: My eagerly talking friend at the FIB has an illegal wiretap that's been compromised. If we fix it for him, he'll give us the name of their rat.

Huang: Fuck that, friend! You're wasting my time. Hsin already thinks I'M the Fed rat. And you want me to work for them?

Heston: How's it gonna look if your uncle finds out you've been working with me - a 'cop'?

Huang: It would look bad until I killed you, you piece of shit.

Heston: You're not the only one under pressure, Huang. I'm going cold turkey while IAD are all over me, but I'm still doing the right thing. You do the right thing: Destroy the scrambler that's screwing with the Fed's wiretap then your life, and mine, can start getting back to normal.

Mission Replay description

"More dirty work for Heston's FIB contact.

His illegal wiretap signal was jammed, so I had to un-jam it."