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The following article is a walkthrough of the mission Snuff for Vincenzo Cilli in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Before The Mission

Obtain full heath. You will need it.

Mission Walkthrough

Buying a Pistol at the Ammu-Nation.
Driving to the apartment complex in Hepburn Heights.
Killing a Sindacco Family mobster.
Receiving a call from Joseph Daniel O'Toole.
Taking the Sindacco mobster's car.
Getting the Sindacco mobster's car re-sprayed at Pay 'n' Spray.

Meet up with Vinnie at his warehouse at Atlantic Quays. You will be informed by him that an old friend of yours called Joseph Daniel O'Toole wants to leave the Sindacco Family and join the Leone Family. You is at first dismissive of the idea but Vincenzo informs you of his plans to use O'Toole as an inside man.

After the completion of the mission cutscene, you will be given the following intruction:

Go to the local Ammu-Nation to get a gun.

Get into a vehicle and drive to the Ammu-Nation store in the Red Light District. A Kuruma spawns next to Vincenzo's warehouse. Take it if you need it. Drive into the yellow halo to get some instructions:

Go inside.

Get out of your car and enter the shop. You will then be given a tutorial of how to purchase weapons from Ammu-Nation:

Stand inside the marker to view the avaliable weapons.
Select different weapons by using the left analogue stick or the directional buttons
Buy the current weapon by pressing X, but only if you have enough cash
use L2 and R2 buttons to change weapons when on foot.
Follow the gun blip on the radar to find Ammu-Nation again.

Buy a Pistol. Normally, it would cost $250, but this one has been put on Vincenzo's tab, meaning it is free of charge for you. You will then be given further instructions:

Head for the construction site.

Get back into your car and drive to the construction site in Hepburn Heights. It will be guarded by two Sindacco Family mobsters. You will be given in-game instructions on how to handle a gun:

Hold R1 button to lock onto a target, and press O to fire!
When Locked on, press L2 and R2 buttons to change targets.
When targeting, press L3 button to enter Free Aim mode, then use the left analogue stick to adjust your aim.

You will also be given instructions on what to do next:

The Sindacco heavy is at the rear of the construction site! Kill him!

Arm yourself with the pistol and shoot the two Sindacco mobster in front of you. Then run to the back and kill the two sindacco mobsters there. They are standing next to explosive barrels. To save ammunition (therefore saving money), shoot the barrels, they will instantly kill the two mobsters. Run to the side, and you will find one more Sindacco mobster taking cover behind a Hellenbach GT. Kill him and collect his cell phone as proof of his killing. You will then receive a phone call from JD O'Toole, telling you that he has filmed the whole incident, and for you to take the car as a deposit for his cash debt to you.

After the phone call you will be given this instruction:

Get in the car.

Once you get in the car, you will be given one more instruction:

Drive to the Pay 'n' Spray.

Drive to the Pay 'n' Spray. It is just a short drive away from the construction site. Once you get there, drive into the garage. You will be given one last note:

Parking in the Pay 'n' Spray will remove your wanted level and repair your vehicle. The charge is usually, but this time it's free.

Respray the vehicle to complete the mission. Mission Passed.