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Sub Urban

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:''For a comprehensive list of clothing available from Sub Urban in GTA San Andreas, see [[/Clothing in GTA San Andreas]].
==Trivia==*As implied, the outlet's name is likely to a jab on the trend of selling urban attire to those who are not even city folk to begin with, such as suburbanites.*The interior of the shop has a surfboard with a [[Rockstar Games#Logo|Rockstar Games logo]] on it, along with a plaid pattern.
* By zooming in on the mirrors next to the changing rooms with a [[Camera]] or a [[Sniper Rifle]], the player can catch a glimpse of a portion of the outlying "[[Hidden Interiors Universe|blue hell]]"; an [[Ammu-Nation]] store layout, complete with a [[Ammu-Nation Shooting Range (GTA SA)|shooting range]], is also visible from that position.
* The brand is mentioned in passing in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]], where it is advertised on the [[]] [[Websites in GTA IV|website]] and owns the [[White Widow]] brand.
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