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Sub Urban

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Unlocked after "[[Nines and AKs]]", Sub Urban is one of three clothing stores initially made available in the game (alongside [[Binco]] and [[ProLaps]]). Presumably marketing to those interested in modern urbanwear, the store's interior is decorated in a gritty urban theme, and even features a stage, which use is unknown.
There are three Sub Urban outlets in the [[State of San Andreasin GTA III Era|state]], each based in the following locations:
<gallery width="auto" perrow="3" style="font-size:95%; padding:0; text-align:left;" widths="160">
File:SubUrban-GTASA-Jefferson-exterior.jpg|[[Jefferson, Los Santos|Jefferson]], [[Los Santos in GTA San AndreasIII Era|Los Santos]], near the [[Jefferson Safehouse]];
File:SubUrban-GTASA-Hashbury-exterior.jpg|[[Hashbury]], [[San Fierro]], near [[Hemlock Tattoo]]; and
File:SubUrban-GTASA-Creek-exterior.jpg|[[Creek]], [[Las Venturas]], at the Creek strip mall.
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[[Category:Businesses in GTA IV]]
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